Our donations 2023



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Our donations 2023
02 Jan 2024

Our donations 2023

With the beginning of the new year, we want to pause and look back together at the colorful moments that 2023 gave us. A year full of colors, creativity and, above all, social commitment.

DillySocks is not just about colorful socks that beautify your feet, but also about the colorful traces that we leave together in the world. This year we had the privilege of donating socks to several notable organizations. Let's look back together at the projects close to our hearts that were made possible by your support and our mission.

Caritas Switzerland: 3089 pairs of socks for warmth and security

We donated over 3089 pairs of socks to Caritas Switzerland through our participation in the Caritas Fair Friday project ! The basis for our donation in kind was the number of orders during Colorful Week, i.e. between November 17th. and November 27th. The Fair Friday campaign also enabled you not only to donate warmth for your feet, but also to pass on financial resources of 400 CHF directly to Caritas. A big thank you to all DillySocks customers who made this possible through their orders!

Café Yucca in Zurich - 2505.- CHF donation through our Advent calendar

We were able to donate over 2,505 CHF to Café Yucca Zurich through our Advent calendars . Every year, Café Yucca hosts a Christmas dinner for those in need, especially those without shelter. DillySocks was able to support this important event with a donation! Everyone who bought the sock advent calendar helped ensure that the Christmas tradition could continue at Café Yucca.

More donations

In addition to the projects mentioned above, other donations were made. The table below provides an overview of the donations.

Project Donation in kind (socks) Financial donation
Caritas Switzerland x


Cafe Yucca


Marché cadeaux


Paraplegic Foundation


Zurich Zoo


We are proud of the social projects that we have been able to support with both financial resources and donations in kind. A big THANK YOU also goes out to our customers! Without purchasing our socks, social commitment to this extent would not be possible.

We are already looking forward to 2024 - together with you. Your DillySocks team