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Making gift-giving easy!

When wrapping, the tape sticks to your fingers, you can't cut the paper straight, and in the end, the packages look like they were wrapped by a child? No problem at all. Just order our colorful gift packaging along with it - unfold, put in the socks, done. For a self-tied bow on top, you'll earn bonus points!

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Gift packaging


Gift wrap Fall Leaves (3-4 pairs)

3.00 CHF

Gift wrap I See You (3-4 pairs)

3.00 CHF

Gift wrap Lemon Twig (3-4 pairs)

3.00 CHF

Gift box Empty Heart (3-4 pairs)

3.00 CHF

Stylish gift packaging

Our colorful gift packaging is not only practical, but also stylish! With the gift boxes you have the perfect packaging in no time at all. Inspired by our sock designs, each box adds a special touch to gifting.

Gift packaging in different sizes

Regardless of whether you want to give a small or large gift, our packaging is perfect for it. With space for 3-4 or 6-7 socks, they offer enough space and are a real eye-catcher thanks to our designs.

Giving socks has never been so easy

Our gift packaging is not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to fold. You don't need complicated instructions or previous knowledge - in just a few steps your gift wrapping is ready for use.

Stylish gifts

With our colorful gift packaging you not only make others happy, but also yourself. The stylish designs bring color into your home and are also perfect for storing your own socks.

Sustainable gift packaging

Of course it is important to us not only to produce our socks sustainably, but also our packaging. Our gift wraps are made from recycled paper and after unpacking the socks, they can simply be folded up and stowed away to save space for later use. In this way we protect the environment together and you can give yourself great gifts with a clear conscience.

Christmas greetings in style - our Christmas cards

Surprise your loved ones not only with great socks, but also with a personal greeting card! With us you will find a selection of beautiful Christmas cards that you can easily add to your order. This turns the gift into an all-round loving package!