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Socks as an employee gift

Are you looking for a suitable gift for your employees? Then our personalized socks are the perfect solution. Your employees and staff will be delighted to receive our individually personalized socks as a gift for occasions such as Christmas, company anniversaries or birthdays. All of our socks are manufactured in Europe under the GOTS standard and the Oeko Tex® 100 standard. The socks are therefore environmentally friendly and of high quality. With our personalized socks you can give your employees a 100% sustainable employee gift !

Our individually designed socks are a suitable employee gift for any occasion!

It's that easy!

1. Get a quote 🧾

You can fill out the quotation form in 5 to 10 minutes. You will hear from us with an offer within 48 hours.

2. Design creation 👩🏼‍🎨

Do you agree with the offer and have you answered any initial questions? Yes, then we will create a free design proposal .

3. Sock production 🧦

Once you have approved the sample socks, the socks will go into production. They will be with you in 6-8 weeks .

More than 10 years of experience

🇨🇭 We are the Swiss fun socks brand 🇨🇭

Personalized design

Our professional designers will create a personalized design that we tailor to your wishes.


Designed in Switzerland. Sustainably produced in Europe. Only the best is good enough for our socks.

+10 years experience

We are the Swiss pioneer for sustainable fun socks. Our expertise is socks combined with cool design.


Organic cotton, Oeko-Tex® 100 standard, GOTS certified, biodegradable packaging and recycled materials.

Service: Fakes and Numbers

📥 Offer in 48 hours

Are you in a hurry? We are too. That's why we'll send you an offer within 48 hours . Do you have any questions? We'll be happy to advise you personally.

🧦 From 200 pairs

We can produce individually designed socks as a customer gift for orders of 200 pairs or more . Starting at CHF 3.70 per pair of socks.

🏭 Delivery time 6-8 weeks

Once the order has been placed, production takes 6-8 weeks. We deliver directly to your desired address.

From CHF 3.70 per pair of socks

The price for a pair of socks depends on the quantity ordered and the type of socks.

Pair Classic socks Sports socks Gift box (3 pairs) Kids socks
200 CHF 12,90 CHF 13,90 CHF 39,90 CHF 9,90
300 CHF 9,90 CHF 10,90 CHF 36,90 CHF 7,50
500 CHF 8,90 CHF 9,90 CHF 33,90 CHF 7,00
800 CHF 7,90 CHF 8,90 CHF 30,00 CHF 6,50
1000 CHF 6,00 CHF 7,20 CHF 23,00 CHF 4.00
3000 CHF 4.20 CHF 6,00 CHF 20,90 CHF 3.70

Sustainable employee gifts 🌱

DillySocks® guarantee: quality, Swiss design and sustainability

• 100% organic cotton

• GOTS certified

• Recycled materials (e.g. recycled polyamide threads)

• Hooks Biodegradable

• Labels 100% recycled paper

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• PLA Bag 100% compostable

• Oeko-Tex Standard 100

• ClimatePartner climate neutral

• Swiss design

• Produced in Europe

Creative employee gifts

Socks from DillySocks® are a unique employee gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions. Stylish, creative socks can also impress employees at events or trade fairs. The design and colors of the socks can be completely customized to your individual needs. It doesn't matter whether you want to embroider your logo on the socks or you decide on a cool, creative design. We will help you create a unique, sustainable gift. Your employees will be happy. Simply socks that they will enjoy wearing.

Our corporate customers:

FAQ Employee Gift

Personalized socks are suitable as employee gifts for many occasions. Our individually designed socks are a great Christmas gift for employees. But you can also give your employees a little treat on employee birthdays and company anniversaries with our individually designed socks.

You can choose from:

  • classic socks: everyday socks with flat fabric
  • Sports socks or tennis socks: are reinforced at the arch of the foot and ribbed at the sock shaft.
  • Children's socks

More information about our sock types can be found here.

There is also the option of having a personalized set of socks made as an employee gift. The individually designed gift box is particularly stylish. The box contains 3 socks.Hereyou will find examples.

Yes, our socks and everything around them is 100% sustainable. We are pioneers in sustainable fashion. You can find more information on sustainability here, on our blog for sustainable fashion.

This is how sustainable we are:

  • 100% organic cotton: When growing our cotton, we do not use any synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers. The cotton is grown in accordance with the guidelines of organic farming
  • Synthetic components consist mainly of recycled materials (e.g. recycled polyamide thread)
  • Hooks are biodegradable: for the production of our hooks we only use existing production waste
  • Labels 100% recycled paper
  • PLABag:This bag is too100% compostable.The material is «PLA» (polylactic acid = bioplastic). This is made from sugar and starch
  • We are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and GOTS certified
  • Swiss design and produced in Europe 
  • DillySocks is from ClimatePartner climate neutral certified
  • Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR for short DillySocks® takes on social responsibility and sees this as an integral part of sustainable business. We support many social projects and organizations

We offer the classic socks for adults in sizes 36-40 or 41-46. It is also possible to have socks produced in a standard size. In this case we recommend size 38-42. This covers many shoe sizes. These size specifications apply to classic socks and sports socks. For children's sizes, please send us an inquiry. More information on the sock sizes is available here.

After ordering the socks from us, it generally takes 6 to 8 weeks for the socks to be produced and delivered. This means that it also depends on how quickly we work together to create and select the design. Experience has shown that you should plan at least 2 weeks for this process. We can send you an initial offer after 48 hours. We can create an initial design proposal within 3 to 5 working days. It is best if you contact us. Then we can give you specific feedback based on your individual needs. If you want your employee socks under the Christmas tree on time, we recommend that you make your request in September or earlier. If we can't make it by Christmas, we recommend taking a look at our colorful range of socks. One or two corporate customers have already found what they were looking for there too.

No, you don't have to. The price includes Dillysocks' design service. This means that we create the design according to your specifications and wishes or we make you a design suggestion. Elements that can be designed are socks, footprints, sock labels and for gift boxes we take care of the design of stylish gift packaging.

Basically, you are completely free here. Feel free to tell us your wishes and ideas. We would also be happy to make you a suggestion of your own, which we will design for you. You are in the lead here and we advise you on what we have experienced to be well received. We have customers who have their socks embroidered with their logo. Other customers have their socks fully customized. Most of the time we create socks with a company logo together with creative patterns that suit the company. It is important that we do not have our socks printed, but that all patterns and colors are woven into the socks. Our sock gift boxes are also a great employee gift. They contain 3 pairs of socks. The gift boxes themselves also have a personalized design. This is very well received by our customers and certainly by your employees too.

Our customers often order the following combination as an employee gift:

  • Sock type: classic socks
  • Size: 36 - 40 and 41 - 46
  • Design: Socks embroidered with logo in combination with an emblematic design element that is particularly representative of the company or is funny
  • Footprint: mostly DillySocks® (because the brand is very popular for socks)
  • Label: DillySocks® in combination with a text that fits well with the company

But we are always open to implementing new, creative ideas. So please come to us with your ideas for employee gifts.

Yes, for an additional charge we can handle this with our logistics.

If you place an actual order for the production of individually designed socks, the creation of a sample is free of charge. If you do not place an order, we will have to invoice you for the costs.

No. Our socks are not printed, but woven. This means that the logo and the pattern are integrated into the fabric. This means the socks last longer, are healthier and are more comfortable to wear. Our socks are always 100% environmentally friendly. This means you can give your employees a completely sustainable gift.

Yes, we also offer the customized socks in a box of 3, as here can be found in our shop as a customer gift. If only one pair should be packed in a box, we will be happy to look at this individually.