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Socks in Gift Boxes

Socks are a boring gift? It depends on the socks, we say, as we present our gift boxes. Each box contains a set of three socks perfectly coordinated in theme, and the box itself is designed to match the socks! You'll find the perfect design for everyone: from animal lovers and foodies to plant enthusiasts and fans of Japan, there's something for everyone!

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Gift Boxes

Product image - Flirtation (Box of 3)
  • 36-40 Sold out
  • 41-46 47.90 14.90 CHF
  • 36-40 Sold out
  • 41-46 47.90 14.90 CHF

Flirtation (Box of 3)

47.90 CHF 14.90 CHF
Product image - Pride Rainbow (Box of 3)
  • 36-40 49.90 CHF
  • 41-46 49.90 CHF
  • 36-40 49.90 CHF
  • 41-46 49.90 CHF

Pride Rainbow (Box of 3)

49.90 CHF
Product image - Climate Consciousness (Box of 3)
  • 36-40 54.90 CHF
  • 41-46 54.90 CHF
  • 36-40 54.90 CHF
  • 41-46 54.90 CHF

Climate Consciousness (Box of 3)

54.90 CHF
Product image - unicorn box
  • 36-40 59.90 CHF
  • 41-46 59.90 CHF
  • 36-40 59.90 CHF
  • 41-46 59.90 CHF

unicorn box

59.90 CHF

Socks for every occasion: Discover our gift boxes

Discover trendy and unusual gift ideas with Socks in the Box! Boring socks are a thing of the past. There is space for three funny and trendy socks in our smartly designed design boxes. The designs of the socks are thematically perfectly coordinated. The packaging also matches the always fresh sock designs. With a sock gift set you make a stylish and thematically perfectly coordinated gift. Our gift boxes are also the perfect birthday present.

Sustainable sock boxes: Environmentally friendly gifts

Our focus is on sustainability in fancy design. We are against rapid mass consumption and offer high quality and functional gifts that benefit the environment and people. Our packaging is plastic-free and therefore environmentally friendly. With our box you even save the wrapping paper and save the life of a tree.

Socks as a gift: Our range of sock boxes 

Finding socks as a gift can be a little art. But with us you are guaranteed to find the right pair. Our gift boxes are the perfect gift. Our gift boxes are perfect for occasions such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter or Mother's Day. Our socks are high quality, fun, sustainable and can even cement a friendship. Many consciously pay attention to their consumption and want a clean, healthy environment. Instead of the usual bottle of wine as a gift for dinner, it can also be a pair of socks, or a stylish 3-pack of socks. With high-quality, funny and sustainable socks, you can remind the host of a wonderful evening for a long time. This is how you strengthen valuable friendships.

Gift ideas for men and women: Our sock boxes

Our gifts are not only suitable for women or men, but for everyone! Whether as gifts for employees, children or friends - with socks gift boxes from DillySocks you are guaranteed to cause a positive sensation. Are you still looking for gifts for employees? Discover our selection of socks now and find the perfect gift for every occasion!

Stylish gift packaging for 3 pairs of socks or for 6 pairs of socks

Would you like to give away an individualized set that nobody has in this combination? With the gift packaging you can choose 3-6 socks from the entire range of socks from classic to sneaker socks and give them away in a pretty gift box!

Gift Boxes FAQ

Do you have any questions about our colorful socks? Then you will find the answers here

In our gift boxes we mainly offer you a selection of our motif socks and bestsellers. The packaging matches the sock designs and themes perfectly.

Yes, there are special gift boxes for different occasions such as Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries. We also have matching gift boxes on themes such as animals, food, Switzerland, fruits and much more.

In our sock gift boxes we combine matching designs on themes such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, food, travel and much more. The gift boxes are super stylishly designed and are a real eye-catcher. It's best to choose for yourself what suits a lady well.

Our climate box is particularly popular as a gift box. On Valentine's Day, boxes that show little hearts, flowers or even elegant designs are very popular.

The socks in our stylish gift boxes are slightly cheaper overall than if you were to buy the socks individually. In addition, they are packaged as gifts and express greater appreciation. The packaging used is also incredibly stylish and high quality. By purchasing a gift box in our online shop you are already making a good deal.