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Inclusion socks with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

We strongly believe that diversity and variety are enriching and stand for a world where everyone is respected and accepted regardless of their abilities and backgrounds. Together with the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, we want to stand up for inclusion and have designed the inclusion socks for this purpose. It shows lively motifs from the world of paraplegia and serves as a symbol for our recognition and appreciation of diversity.

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Swiss Paraplegic Foundation x DillySocks

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  • 36-40 19.90 CHF
  • 41-46 19.90 CHF
  • 36-40 19.90 CHF
  • 41-46 19.90 CHF

inclusion sock

19.90 CHF

Donation to the Paraplegic Foundation

For every pair of our inclusion socks sold, 3 francs are donated to the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. In doing so, we actively support the important work of this organization and set an example for inclusion. By buying our inclusion socks, you not only support the Paraplegic Foundation, but also set an example for social responsibility and cooperation. It is an honor for us to be part of this journey and to make the world more colorful and inclusive together with our community.

Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

The foundation supports paraplegics with a holistic and unique program. Its vision is to create a world in which people with spinal cord injury can lead a self-determined life in the best possible health.