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Sock monkeys - our sustainable cuddle toys.

At the end of each season, there are sock designs that are left over. We focus on upcycling and giving the socks a second life. With the help of various inclusive foundations, under the guidance of our talented sewing partner Rebekka, we create cuddly sock monkeys with long arms and legs from the colorful socks - perfect for the kids to grab and play with!

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Sock monkeys

Product image - Unconditional Love Monkey

Unconditional Love Monkey

44.90 CHF
Product image - Double Lava Liner Monkey

Double Lava Liner Monkey

44.90 CHF
Product image - Heart Blues Monkey

Heart Blues Monkey

44.90 CHF
Product image - Different Stripes Monkey

Different Stripes Monkey

44.90 CHF

Upcycling: Each monkey is a limited edition

Each monkey is a limited edition and unique because it is sewn and lined by hand. Due to the limited availability of the socks, the quantity is limited and your sock monkey may never be produced again. One thing we can guarantee - children love our colored monkeys!

With attention to detail

Our monkeys are made in Switzerland in various integrative foundations under the guidance of our talented sewing partner Rebekka. A lot of love is put into every sock monkey! Here, too, we want to offer the highest quality and maximum satisfaction and at the same time make a contribution to an integrative society in which everyone has a place.

Sustainable stuffed animals: our sock monkeys

We also rely on high-quality and ecological natural fibers for the content of the sock monkeys. Our colorful sock monkeys are filled exclusively with kapok fibers.

The kapok fibers are obtained from the fruit capsules of the tropical wool tree. They are very soft, extremely light, fluffy and cuddly. The silky, shiny kapok fibers contain a bitter substance that protects against moth and mite infestation. Because of this property, the kapok fiber is very popular with people who are allergic to animal hair and dust mites. In principle, our sock monkeys filled with kapok are also washable - just not too hot!

Foundations we currently work with:

Art +Cross, Network Grenchen, Grenchen
Solodari's Foundation, Wärchstatt, Solothurn
zsge Foundation, Werkraum4, Zurich

Sock monkeys FAQ

Do you have any questions about our colorful socks? Then you will find the answers here

All sock monkeys are made by social institutions. Mostly in workshops where people with disabilities work.

For our sustainable cuddly toys, for example, we use kapo fibers, which are obtained from the fruit capsules of the tropical wool tree. The fibers are ecological and sustainable and they also have anti-allergic properties.

We call our sustainable cuddly toys sock monkeys. They all meet Öko Tex Standard 100. The sock monkeys were created from an upcycling project. Ie we use socks from old collections for their production. All sustainable cuddly toys are made in social institutions, mostly by people with disabilities. Our sock monkeys are very sustainable cuddly toys.