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Socks are the perfect gift for Mother's Day

Every year, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May - and every year, we find ourselves asking the same question: What should we gift Mom (or Grandma, or favorite aunt, or... ) on her special day? To save you from unnecessary back-and-forth and her from the usual bouquet of flowers, we have a hot tip for you: socks! On this page, we have curated a selection of socks for moms. Enjoy browsing!

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Mother's Day Socks

Product image - Smiling Hearts
Sold out
Sold out

Smiling Hearts

16.90 CHF
Product image - Short hollandaise sauce
  • 36-40 9.90 3.90 CHF
  • 41-46 9.90 3.90 CHF
  • 36-40 9.90 3.90 CHF
  • 41-46 9.90 3.90 CHF

Short hollandaise sauce

9.90 CHF 3.90 CHF
Product image - Blooming Sunflower
  • 36-40 16.90 CHF
  • 41-46 16.90 CHF
  • 36-40 16.90 CHF
  • 41-46 16.90 CHF

Blooming Sunflower

16.90 CHF
Product image - White Meadow
  • 36-40 Sold out
  • 41-46 16.90 11.90 CHF
  • 36-40 Sold out
  • 41-46 16.90 11.90 CHF

White Meadow

16.90 CHF 11.90 CHF

No flowers for Mother's Day - but socks!

Our stylish and sustainable socks make the perfect Mother's Day gift. Give away colorful flower socks instead of a boring bouquet this year. Guaranteed not to wither and is a lot of fun all year round!

We wish all mothers, grandmas, aunts and ladies a happy Mother's Day.

The perfect gift for moms

You haven't found what you're looking for in our curated selection of socks for Mother's Day? No problem, we got you covered. Discover all our styles:

  • With our Premium Lady series, your mother is guaranteed an elegant appearance.
  • If you want to give your mother a funny present, you will surely find what you are looking for in our colorful motif socks or in our particularly popular bestsellers .
  • Sporty mothers will have a lot of fun with our stylish and comfortable sneaker socks . These socks are super comfortable sports socks or tennis socks.
  • And, as so often, the best comes at the end. Our colorful socks in family and partner look are an absolute eye-catcher and a great gift for Mother's Day.

When is actually Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is a worldwide holiday. And our mums, grandmothers, aunts, yes, all women really deserve that. And yet the same question arises every year. When is Mother's Day this year?

The good news is that Mother's Day takes place on the same date in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That makes it easier than Father's Day, which takes place on different days in each of the three countries. The simple rule of Mother's Day is that it takes place on the 2nd Sunday of May every year. Supposedly the florist associations in Germany came up with it. In any case, we have nothing to do with the logic behind this date, but we think that the second Sunday in May is a must. And of course, the Socks Association thinks socks are the best gift idea for Mother's Day.

We can do gift wrapping, too!

Funny socks with motifs are a great gift idea for Mother's Day. With our stylish gift packaging, your Mother's Day gift will be an absolute eye-catcher. When packing, the tape doesn't stick to your finger, you don't have to cut the paper straight and in the end your Mother's Day gift looks just perfect. No problem. Simply order our colorful gift packaging . 2-3 pairs of socks fit in our gift boxes, or 6-7 pairs of socks. You will also find stylish greeting cards.


Mother's Day Socks FAQ

Do you have any questions about our colorful socks? Then you will find the answers here

You could choose socks with a cute pattern or a special message to make your mom happy. Flower socks and heart socks are very popular motifs for Mother's Day.

Socks with floral patterns and heart socks are very popular for Mother's Day. Socks in pink and purple are also popular with many mothers.

You could put the socks in a pretty gift box and decorate with a casual card. You can also find both in our socks online shop in the gift packaging section.