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Black Friday becomes Colorful Fair Friday!
26 Oct 2023

Black Friday becomes Colorful Fair Friday!

Admittedly, even as a sustainable fashion company you can't escape Black Friday. Time to use the day for more consumer awareness and social engagement! We teamed up with Caritas Switzerland and launched the colorful Colorful Friday.

Black Friday: Complete consumer overload?!

For many, Black Friday is associated with bargains, discounts and a real shopping frenzy. It's no secret that The day of the year with the highest sales should be viewed critically from a sustainability perspective:

  1. Overconsumption: Black Friday encourages people to buy more than they actually need. This leads to wastage of materials and ultimately an increase in garbage.
  2. Waste of resources: The production and shipping of Black Friday products creates a significant carbon footprint and contributes to the overuse of (natural) resources.

Colorful Friday: Sustainable and conscious consumption

At DillySocks we have recognized that it is time to offer a sustainable alternative to Black Friday. That's why we created Colorful Friday , a day of conscious consumption.

    1. Sustainable products : Instead of offering mass-produced goods, at DillySocks we value high-quality, sustainable products. Our socks are made from organic cotton and produced under fair working conditions in a small family business in Portugal.
    2. Social commitment : For us, Colorful Friday is not only a day of consumption, but also a day of giving. In collaboration with Caritas, in the Fair Friday project we donate one sock for every purchase to the non-profit organization. So every purchase helps support those who need it most. On top of that, we give you as a customer the opportunity to make an additional donation to Caritas with each of your purchases. Because not only we, but also you can set a positive example on Colorful Friday.
    3. Conscious consumption : With DillySocks Fair Friday we encourage people to make conscious purchasing decisions. Instead of being seduced exclusively by bargains, we would like to encourage our customers to choose products that match their needs and values.

    Colorful Friday: Sustainable business

    That being said , we still believe that sustainable shopping is also possible with discounts on Black Friday. Because we also offer our products at discounted prices on Black Friday. There are legitimate reasons for this.

    1. We want to remain competitive. Even though we are a sustainable company, we cannot completely escape the prevailing market. And he craves, for better or for worse, discounts. We repeatedly observe that strike prices have a magical appeal to customers. Completely prohibiting ourselves from this sales potential would minimize our sales and our reach. And we need sales in order to be able to operate sustainably - and in the long term - on the market.
    2. We want to pay more attention to slow sellers. Discounts give us the opportunity to push products. In doing so, we give them the attention they have previously been denied, but in our opinion, well-deserved. And create space for new designs.

    At DillySocks we believe it's time to make a change. Our Colorful Friday stands for sustainable consumption, social responsibility and conscious decisions. We invite you to join us and work with us to promote sustainable consumption. Together we can turn Black Friday into a day of positive consumer change.

    Would you like to consciously buy your favorite socks and support our project with Caritas Switzerland? Then support Caritas with a donation with every purchase during Black Week .