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Nachhaltige Socken mit individuellem Design

Bunte Socken Designs und Nachhaltigkeit schließen sich nicht aus. Ganz im Gegenteil - wir kreieren hochwertige Socken aus Bio-Baumwolle, die sowohl mit ihrer fairen Produktion in Europa und der plastikfreien Verpackung, als auch mit ihren unschlagbaren Designs punkten können. Du willst nachhaltige Socken kaufen? Dann auf, entdecke unsere schadstofffreien und GOTS-zertifizierten Socken.

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Sustainable socks


Lil We All Scream For Ice Cream

9.90 CHF
Product image - Not Bacon
  • 36-40 19.90 CHF
  • 41-46 19.90 CHF
  • 36-40 19.90 CHF
  • 41-46 19.90 CHF

Not Bacon

19.90 CHF
Product image - Dilly Surprise Bag (10x pair)
  • 36-40 168.90 74.90 CHF
  • 41-46 168.90 74.90 CHF
  • 36-40 168.90 74.90 CHF
  • 41-46 168.90 74.90 CHF

Dilly Surprise Bag (10x pair)

168.90 CHF 74.90 CHF
Product image - Dilly Surprise Bag (5x pair)
  • 36-40 83.90 44.90 CHF
  • 41-46 83.90 44.90 CHF
  • 36-40 83.90 44.90 CHF
  • 41-46 83.90 44.90 CHF

Dilly Surprise Bag (5x pair)

83.90 CHF 44.90 CHF

Oh Bio Mio - organic cotton socks

All Dilly socks are made with organic cotton. We love organic cotton and keep the cotton content in our organic socks as high as possible - usually between 70 and 85%. The natural fiber is a real power player: it is pleasantly soft to wear, is a renewable raw material and is biodegradable. When growing our organic cotton, 100% of the use of synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers and environmentally harmful chemicals is avoided. The water consumption of organic cotton is also much lower than that of conventionally grown cotton. Yeeha!

Sustainable gifts

Our DillySocks are the perfect sustainable gift. Whether as a surprise for a birthday or a sustainable gift for Christmas - fair socks are always a good choice - and thanks to the colorful designs, they make a lot of friends for young and old, men or women and everything in between. Our selection ranges from colorful individual socks to gift boxes and full-fledged sock advent calendars. It's worth checking out!

Sustainable socks made in Europe

Our colorful organic socks are produced in Portugal. A close partnership is important to us. Because a direct exchange with our production and regular on-site visits ensure that high social standards are observed. We attach great importance to fair working conditions in the production chain for our stockings. In addition, local production reduces carbon emissions and transportation, contributing to an overall more sustainable approach.

Our packaging

There is already enough plastic in the world! That's why we use biodegradable components in the packaging of our high-quality socks. We print our labels on recycled paper. Whenever possible, our socks are shipped directly in the box and without any additional outer packaging. When more protection is needed, we replace standard plastic sleeves with compostable polylactic acid bags.

GOTS certified socks

DillySocks has been GOTS-certified since 2020. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a certificate that takes the entire production chain into account, bans many chemicals and sets minimum social standards. This makes GOTS one of the world's leading global standards for ecological textiles. Incidentally, with the help of our filters, you can always see whether an individual product is GOTS-certified or not. More background information about the GOTS can be found here !

Cotton socks with Oeko-Tex® 100 standard

All of our DillySocks have the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard certificate. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a certification that covers all processing stages for textile products. In this way we can ensure that our socks are sustainable and free from harmful substances - so all in all they represent an ecologically sensible product. For us, pollutant-free clothing is an indisputable basis for the production of sustainable fashion.

Durable socks with the highest quality standard

It's all in the mix. Our socks are made from a blend of organic cotton, (recycled) polyamide and elastane. The carefully developed composition of materials ensures that our colorful socks keep what they promise for a long time. And we live up to our claim of ensuring the high quality and longevity of our socks through high-quality materials and an optimal material composition. Win win!

Upcycling socks - Our sock monkeys

No matter how carefully you plan a production, there are almost always pieces that get left behind. After in-depth research into upcycling methods, we decided to do this: we turn leftover socks into cuddly sock monkeys that become loyal friends of many children. You can find more background information here .

Sustainable socks FAQ

Do you have any questions about our colorful socks? Then you will find the answers here

It can be said that sustainable socks can be made from materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp or recycled polyester. At Dillysocks we use organic cotton and recycled materials wherever possible. In our blog you will find detailed information about our sustainable socks and the topic of sustainable fashion.

You can use your old socks as cleaning rags or dusters, or donate them to an organization that collects and recycles used clothing.

You can look for socks that are certified with a Fair Trade or GOTS seal and research information about the production conditions. Our socks are produced in a family business in Portugal and many socks are GOTS certified. More information about this in our blog.