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Become part of our 10-year-old cult brand!

As an investor at DillySocks®, you have the unique opportunity to actively invest in a creative, local, sustainable and up-and-coming company. You will become part of a company with great growth opportunities and the vision of a more colorful, sustainable and fairer world.

We offer our Dilly shares via the CONDA crowdfunding platform (and in cooperation with Aktionariat).
As a co-owner, you benefit from the growth of your favorite brand and are entitled to dividends as soon as we are profitable and dividend payments have been approved. You also have voting rights at the AGM and are entitled to attractive goodies and discounts.

Pascal Mathis

Founderful | Co-Founder GetYourGuide

"We have been investing in DillySocks since the beginning and it is great to see how the founders steer the company smoothly through each growth phase."

André Mäder

CEO Selfridges Group | KADEWE Group

"An innovative product, first-class quality, a strong, future-oriented and motivated team are the ingredients of success. Dilly Socks' journey is only just beginning."

Daniel Schmucki

Group CFO SIX | Group CFO Zurich Airport AG

Climate neutral, but not profit neutral: DillySocks shows how purpose and profit go together . I continue to believe in the vision of a more colorful world."

Stefan Portman

Board of Directors CALIDA | Globus | Schild

I have been one of DillySocks' investors for a long time and the founders keep their promises - very impressive!"

Our omnichannel strategy leads to success

By combining online and offline sales channels, we maximize reach and customer satisfaction. Every store that sells our DillySocks contributes to building the brand and gives customers the opportunity to physically experience the quality of our socks. The last few years have shown how important it is to pursue a diversified strategy. Broad sales channels ensure that we can adapt to changing market conditions and minimize potential risks. Overall, the omnichannel strategy enables us to take a holistic and customer-focused sales approach that increases the company's growth and profitability.

The new web shop

Last summer we rebuilt our webshop from scratch. The goal was to improve the loading speed of the page and usability. These optimizations should lead to an improved conversion rate. Since a large proportion of our customers shop via smartphone, the focus is on the mobile experience.

Initial evaluations show that the investments were worthwhile. We were able to significantly improve visibility on Google and also loading times.

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Over 400 partner stores in DACH

In Switzerland, the most renowned fashion houses are among our long-term partners. But we are also constantly gaining new retail customers in Germany and Austria. This presence helps us to minimize purchasing risk, increase order quantities and strengthen brand awareness. In the future, we will continue to expand physical retail in parallel with online business.

What’s new at Dilly?

We have worked hard over the last few months to continue to offer you the best products.

On course for profit 📈

We responded early to the changed market conditions of recent years by focusing on reducing costs and increasing e-commerce efficiency in 2023 and setting healthy, profitable growth as the central anchor point of our strategy. We successfully closed the first quarter of 2024 with positive EBITDA .

Rocket X DillySocks® 🚀

Our highlight in the first half of 2024 is the collaboration with Froneri (Raketen Glace). Together we have achieved something that no one has dared to do before. We now also sell socks in the freezer section. This collaboration was a complete success and brought us a lot of attention.

Growth market Germany is growing 📈

The German market is gaining momentum. In the last 12 months, we have gained 50 new retail partners and increased sales by 50%. This growth not only generates sales, but also helps build brand awareness in Germany.

D-Compose 🌱

This summer we are launching the first biodegradable sock under the name D-Compose. This product innovation will not only be available in the best-known sustainability stores in Switzerland, but also in various Coop branches throughout Switzerland. With this product we want to close the gap to the single-colored basic products.

Dilly T-Shirt 👕

For the first time in the company's history, we are testing a new product category. We are launching a capsule T-shirt collection. With this product, we want to stimulate summer business, but also test whether our customers buy other products from Dilly in addition to socks.

ActiveLine 🏃🏼

We will also be launching a new product in the socks sector. With a focus on durability and movement, we have developed the Active Line, which is suitable for various sports such as jogging, cycling, hiking or tennis. Our colourful alternative will give us access to specialist sports retailers (Transa, Intersport, etc.).

New advertising campaign 📹

Add some Dilly to your life - that's the new slogan for this year. Together with the production company zweihund and the agency Serviceplan, we have taken our creative vision to the extreme. A shrill protagonist with a moustache wanders through surreal worlds "well-socked" and can hardly contain himself from all the possibilities of his existence.

Marketplaces 🛒

Marketplaces such as Zalando, Amazon and AboutYou have also been generating a revenue contribution since last year. In addition, this channel helps us to achieve a broader customer reach and increase brand awareness, especially in an international context.

DillySocks as a corporate gift

We have developed a new segment - corporate gifts in the form of socks . Our Dillys are ideal as a customer or employee gift and are also great for events and promotions. Since the socks can be completely customized in design and color, it is possible to create a unique gift. This segment will help us grow even faster this year.

Invest now

What do we need capital for?

Growth potential in the socks market

In line with our profitability targets, we do not want to miss out on existing growth opportunities in 2024, especially with regard to internationalization.

Until the break-even point is reached, this is only possible with additional capital. To do this, we are offering our most recently created shares (Treasury Shares) for sale.

💼 Sales Manager for Germany
In order to increase sales with our key accounts and to win additional retail partners in the German market, we are looking for a Sales Manager in Germany.

🌎 Sustainability pioneers remain
We continue to invest in the development of ecological and social products.

🧦 Expand innovative product portfolio
We want to keep our finger on the pulse and continue to develop fresh designs, but also open up new sales channels.

💜 Love Brand Status
We continually evoke emotions with creative marketing and original ideas. This is the only way we can remain a love brand.

📈 Exploit growth potential
The European hosiery market offers enormous growth opportunities.

💸 Achieving profitability
Thanks to successful cost savings, we will achieve profitability by the end of 2024.

🏆 Another 10 years of success
Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the sock market in all its facets. We know what it takes to continue to be successful.


At DillySocks, we firmly believe that every person should take care of the environment. That we all have to be careful with resources. And that we have to act as sustainably as possible in our actions as a brand. That's why we produce in Europe. That's why all of our packaging is plastic-free. That's why we upcycle. And that's why we are climate neutral. Because only then is every pair of DillySocks a statement for a more colourful, fairer and more sustainable world!

The Dilly Team

The team is ready for the next milestones. Over the last few months, we have been able to build a team of 12 highly motivated and talented employees.

• Achieving profitability (2024)

• Top of Mind within the DACH region

• Expansion of the product range

• Development of new sales channels

Important Information

DillySocks AG, Eibenstr. 9, 8045 Zurich

VAT address:

Legal form:
public company

Number of stocks:

Value Solutions Trust and
Management consultancy AG

Commercial register entry:

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Condition for tokenization:
Registration Agreement

Share pooling agreement:
Common Shareholders

Founder, GL:
Fabian Knup, Sean Pfister

FAQ Crowdfunding

Slow profit instead of fast fashion . Become part of the DillySocks® success story. Together with CONDA, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a limited edition of Dilly Stocks. Here you will find answers to your most important questions about crowd investing at DillySocks®.

Yes, these are full-value shares under Swiss law with all the rights and obligations of a share. The shares are issued in the form of registered securities according to OR 973d.

Investors' personal data such as name, address and email address will not be published. To receive an entry in the DillySocks AG share register, investors must register with their name and address. The Ethereum address of a share token holder is stored in the Ethereum blockchain and can be viewed by everyone, but without being linked to personal data that is not stored on the blockchain.

Yes. In order to receive an entry in the share register of DillySocks AG, investors must register with their name and address. This is done either once in the Aktionariat Portfolio app (this means that you are automatically included in the share register of other companies where shares are purchased via the Aktionariat app). Alternatively, under the "Shareholder Registry" section on the investor page of DillySocks AG.

By purchasing a share of DillySocks AG, the investor accepts the terms of the Token Holder Agreement and the Registration Agreement. The investor will be informed of this when purchasing shares and must accept it.

Shares can be sold at any time via the Aktionariat broker bot as long as DillySocks AG provides sufficient liquidity. In order for the broker bot to recognize the shares, the corresponding account must be linked.

Fees (“gas fees” from the Ethereum blockchain) are only charged when buying and selling DillySocks shares if the transaction is carried out using cryptocurrencies.

Shareholders AGis a technology service provider for the tokenization of shares. In addition to tokenizing shares on the Ethereum blockchain, Aktionariat AG equips companies with a company dashboard and implements the broker bot widget on the company's website for trading shares.

In the event of bankruptcy of theShareholders AGonly the user interfaces (Aktionsariat app, corporate dashboard, market widgets) would no longer exist, but the holders of the tokens could still transfer, hold and exercise the rights associated with them. There is also always the option of offering the tokens on other marketplaces. Aktionariat AG is also based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses ERC-20 tokens because it does not make customers like DillySocks AG unnecessarily dependent on Aktionariat AG. The decentralized approach is therefore a core concern of Aktionariat, as no new dependencies should be created.

No, it is a “stock token”, with each token tied to a share of the company.

No, the price of Dilly shares is not dependent on the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The value of Dilly shares is calculated and traded in Swiss francs. The price depends on supply and demand for shares in the company DillySocks AG. Only the company value is decisive for the price development of the share.

We intend to provide a certain amount of liquidity so that shares can be bought and sold via the Akionariat Brokerbot. When you sell the share, you will receive XCHF. You can do this asdescribed herechange to CHF.

With the changes to the Swiss Code of Obligations that came into force on February 1, 2021, the concept of registered securities was introduced. Article 973d defines a registered securities right as a right (1) which is registered in a register of securities rights and (2) can only be asserted through this register.

A register based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), such as a blockchain, meets the requirements for a book-entry securities register set out in Article 973d, paragraph 2. If the articles of association of a company allow this, securities such as shares can be issued as book-entry securities.

On this basis, we tokenize our own shares as well as those of our customers. This means that the share tokens contain exactly the same rights and obligations as “traditional” shares.

The register is always up to date and is maintained automatically. Holders of digital tokens are shareholders and have the same rights as traditional shareholders. All data is tamper-proof after it has been registered in the blockchain.

Disclaimer website Important information:

Offer only applies to persons in Switzerland and the EEA: The public offer to purchase the shares is aimed exclusively at persons domiciled or resident in Switzerland or the EEA. Persons from other countries are expressly excluded and it is prohibited to distribute this offer in any way in such countries. The offer for persons from the EEA is limited to a total of €100,000. No guarantee for future forecasts: This website contains statements and forecasts relating to the future development of the company and its business areas. These forecasts represent assessments that we have made based on all information available to us at the current time. If the assumptions underlying the forecasts do not materialize or risks occur, the actual developments and results may differ from current expectations. No investment advice or recommendation: The website contains general information about the offer. This information is not a substitute for financial advice related to the individual circumstances and knowledge of the investor. Each person is responsible for consulting appropriate experts to assess the suitability of the offer and the associated risks for their own financial situation as well as the tax consequences of an investment.Risks: Investing in shares involves various risks and a loss of up to the entire invested capital may occur.