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Women's socks - our premium lady collection
04 Dec 2023

Women's socks - our premium lady collection

Premium Lady socks are the perfect addition to your colorful, elegant appearance. Whether in your free time with sneakers or as an accent in high heels - our premium lady socks enhance every look. Discover the variety of delicate designs that underline your strong look.

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What does the Premium Lady collection include?

The Premium Lady collection from DillySocks offers a wide range of colorful socks for women that make every occasion special. From sweet dots and playful stripes to warm motifs and flowery designs – every woman will find the perfect companion for her personal style here. The special thing: the waistband length is perfectly adapted to your needs.

What is special about our Premium Lady women's socks?

Our premium lady socks are not only a visual highlight, but also impress with their exceptional wearing comfort. With a perfect height for any outfit and a hand-linked toe, they won't dig in and offer a feeling like you're walking on clouds. The reinforced heel also ensures durability and stability.

1. Shorter cuff: Our Premium Lady socks differ from our classic colorful socks primarily in their waist height: Instead of reaching to the middle of the calf, our Premium Lady socks usually end shorter above the ankle. The socks impress with their perfect length, both in casual sneakers and in elegant high heels.

2. High-quality materials: The socks are made from high-quality materials. The main ingredient is high-quality organic cotton. This not only ensures a comfortable fit, but also durability.

3. Hand-linked toe seam: The hand-linked toe seam is a sign of quality and ensures that no annoying seams rub your toes. The men's socks are practically seamless at the toe and are therefore particularly comfortable and comfortable.

4. Subtle, detailed designs: If you want to enrich a classic look with a high-quality choice of socks, you have come to the right place with the Premium Lady socks.

5. Sustainability: Like all DillySocks socks, the Premium Lady socks are manufactured in a small, family-run business in the north of Portugal. The socks made of organic cotton impress with their fit and quality as well as their sustainable production.

What sizes are the women's socks sold in?

A good fit for women's socks is crucial to feeling comfortable all day long. That's why the socks in our Premium Lday collection are available in different sizes 35-38 and 39-41. This is how we make sure they fit your feet perfectly. In addition to our Premium Lady collection, there are also other women's socks models that are available in sizes 36-40 and 41-46. You can find more information about the size table in our size overview .

Colorful women's socks

In addition to our Premium Lady collection, there are of course also our tried and tested classics: our colorful unisex men's and women's socks . Self-confident women, men and everyone in between wear our colorful socks in every situation. The socks bring life into everyday life and spread a good mood, we promise!