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Limited Edition: KombiBox Frisco® Rocket x DillySocks® in the Coop refrigerated shelf
18 Mar 2024

Limited Edition: KombiBox Frisco® Rocket x DillySocks® in the Coop refrigerated shelf

The hearts of ice cream lovers and sock fans beat faster. Two Swiss brands have joined forces to form a unique combo and created a limited edition .

True to the motto: 🚀 “Sit down and buckle up because nothing can hold us up now.” (Deichkind, Limit). 🚀

Swiss cult meets modern style: The ultimate combo box from Frisco Rocket Glacé X DillySocks® is here!

Frisco and DillySocks proudly present: From March 25th you can get the exclusive KombiBox in Coop's refrigerated shelves Discover Frisco® Rocket X DillySocks® with 12 popsicle sticks and a pair of socks with an iconic rocket design . And all for the galactic price of just CHF 7.90.

The Frisco rocket ice cream, a timeless classic that has accompanied Swiss summers for over 50 years, meets the most famous Swiss fun socks band, DillySocks®. We have been enriching the Swiss fashion world with our unique designs for over a decade. But before we look to the future of this exciting collaboration, let's take a look back at the roots of both brands.

The story of an ice cream icon Frisco® Rocket Ice Cream

The year of birth of the Frisco® Rocket Ice Cream is from 1969 . It was an exciting year full of hope and discovery. Above all, the historic moon landing of the Apollo 11 rocket has entered the collective memory of humanity. While Neil Armstrong was taking his famous step for humanity, a small but significant step was also being taken in Switzerland - the introduction of the Rocket Glace by Frisco®. Since then, this simple but delicious water ice cream has captured the hearts of the Swiss. With over 8 million units sold each year, it remains a perennial favorite on freezer shelves. Statistically, this means that almost every Swiss person has the rocket ice cream once a year. Take off Frisco®.

DillySocks® - the cult fun socks brand in Switzerland

On the other side of the combo is DillySocks® . In 2013 we started to turn the Swiss sock market on its head with our Funny Socks . And we did that. Our brand stands for innovation, creativity and Swiss quality. For more than a decade, DillySocks® has offered a wide range of socks that are not only comfortable, but also impress with their unique designs and high-quality, sustainable materials. DillySocks® has established itself as one of the leading sock brands in Switzerland and sets new, sustainable and creative standards in the fashion industry. Our brand stands for quality, Swiss design and sustainability. We are convinced that Neil Armstrong would have left a funnier footprint on the moon with our socks on his feet.

Our collaboration is intended to push boundaries

For Frisco® and DillySocks®, this collaboration is something very special. The common goal is that when two Swiss icons come together, something unique is created. And we proudly present:

The strictly limited KombiBox Frisco® ROCKET X DillySocks®

Each box contains 12 rocket ice creams on a stick and a limited pair of socks with a rocket design from DillySocks® in one size 38 to 42. You can get the whole package for a galactic CHF 7.90.

It is a fusion of Swiss tradition and modern style. A delight for the palate and a fashion statement for individuality and creativity. So mark March 25th on your calendar and get ready to take off to discover new galaxies of flavors with the Rocket X DillySocks® Combo Box.

The KombiBox Frisco® Rocket X DillySocks® are strictly limited and you can get them exclusively in the Coop refrigerated shelves. Become part of this unique fusion! Take off like a rocket. Hop, hop, sweat. Only while stocks last.

You can find the KombiBox in the refrigerated section of these Coop branches: