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Go big or go home - our socks for large feet
15 Jan 2024

Go big or go home - our socks for large feet

Do you live on large feet? Then we have the perfect socks for you: our GoBig collection.

Socks are more than just what you hide under your shoes. They are a statement, an expression of personality and style. But for those with larger feet - in sizes 46-50 - the search for really cool socks is often a real odyssey. Our salvation: Our "GoBig" from DillySocks - a collection that not only celebrates shoe size, but also greatness in style.

Life on a grand scale

Big feet, big style - that's the motto of our GoBig collection. These socks are especially for those who have larger shoe sizes and want to cover their feet in cool socks. Finally there are socks that are both big and great.

Discover the GoBig collection

Oversized socks

From toe to tip comfort and quality

GoBig socks not only offer enough space for your feet, but also comfort that doesn't diminish even after a long day. The secret? High-quality materials that follow every movement without losing quality. The elastic cuffs ensure the perfect fit without compromising on comfort.

Big feet, big style

Size alone is not enough - style must also be included. DillySocks has understood this and with GoBig presents a selection of designs and colors that underline your personal style. Whether in the office, in your free time or on special occasions - these socks always look good.

Think big when it comes to sustainability

Great socks go hand in hand with great responsibility. DillySocks has internalized this and relies on sustainable production. With GoBig socks, you not only have something comfortable on your feet, but you also contribute to an environmentally friendly mission.

GoBig from DillySocks is not just for those who have large shoe sizes, but for everyone who wants to show off their size in style. Here, comfort, quality and sustainability merge into an unbeatable trio. So whether you have big shoes or a big style, GoBig is the answer. Your feet will thank you!

Discover our GoBig collection

GoBig socks

Socks are too tight if they leave unpleasant pressure marks or cut into your skin. The right fit is crucial for comfort. Make sure they fit snugly but not too restrictive for optimal comfort.

DillySocks offers a wide range of sock sizes, including the great GoBig collection, which is specifically designed for sizes 46-50. No matter what size, everyone will find the right sock with us!

To the size table

Ideally, socks should run smoothly and without wrinkles over the back of the foot and the heel. The cuff should fit without constrictions and the toes should have enough room to move. A good fit means more comfort all day long.