DillySocks donates CHF 2,500 to Café Yucca



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DillySocks® donation: CHF 2,550 to Café Yucca in Zurich
27 Feb 2024

DillySocks® donation: CHF 2,550 to Café Yucca in Zurich

Every year, Café Yucca in Züri Niederdorf hosts a Christmas dinner for those in need. We are very proud to be able to support the institution with a donation of around CHF 2,500 and thus give homeless people and people in difficult life situations a nice evening. Our customers made this possible. With the purchase of the DillySocks® Advent calendar, CHF 5 / EUR 5 went to the worthwhile campaign.

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This is what Café Yucca does

When you approach Café Yucca at Häringstrasse 20 in Zurich's Niederdorf district at 3 p.m., you can already see small crowds of people gathering around the inconspicuous institution. The café opens its doors every day at 3:15 p.m. and has been doing so for over 50 years. All people are welcome. They meet there, warm up in winter and there is coffee, soup and personal advice. It is not uncommon for those in need to find themselves in existential distress. The Yucca team provides unbureaucratic and low-threshold assistance. Whatever is possible is being done and people are receiving professional support.

There was recently a post about Café Yucca on TeleZüri, which you can stream directly here:

Background to the Sock Advent Calendar 2023 fundraising campaign

As a sustainable company, it is very important for DillySocks® to also provide positive social and societal impulses. We do this regularly and with various partners. For the fundraising campaign surrounding the DillySocks® sock advent calendar, it was important to us to have as positive, local and direct an impact as possible. With this fundraising campaign, we deliberately wanted to strengthen an organization that is active in our Zurich home base. We want to have an impact - as positively and directly as possible. So we set off to Café Yucca in March 2023 and, together with the manager Kurt Rentsch, looked for a way in which we could provide the café with effective and direct support. We quickly found a common, suitable occasion. Namely the traditional Christmas dinner that Café Yucca hosts annually for homeless and needy people. Fitting because DillySocks® releases a sock advent calendar every year as a Christmas special. The product and the occasion go together like our socks go together with healthy feet. With every Advent calendar sold to our online shop customers, we donate CHF 5 or EUR 5 to Café Yucca's Christmas dinner.

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Quote Kurt Rentsch, at Café Yucca for 30 years and current manager:

"The Advent campaign raised far more than we need for Christmas. A hundred people had a wonderful celebration. Even as many will be happy if we can organize a raclette party with the rest of the donation. An extended Christmas, so to speak in March."

So far so good. In total, a wonderful amount of CHF 2,550 was raised, which we were able to transfer to Café Yucca in January. We are very proud of it. We would especially like to thank our customers for purchasing the Advent calendar. Because only through them did the donation become a reality. We would like to thank Café Yucca for its commitment to people without shelter and in difficult life situations. And we wish the visitors to the café a nice evening and a good appetite.