Add Some Dilly To Your Life!



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Add Some Dilly To Your Life!
14 Mar 2024

Add Some Dilly To Your Life!

Ready for an adventure full of color and extraordinary socks? Then you are exactly right here! In our Soxmas campaign last winter, we took you on a journey that was filled with screams of joy and colorful socks. But that was just the beginning, because at DillySocks the fun doesn't end with Christmas.

Screams of joy for the win

Maybe one or two DillySocks customers remember our Soxmas protagonist , who roams, drives, flies and rides through surreal worlds with his mustache and his eye-catching socks - and loudly expresses his joy about it. Well, he took a well-deserved break earlier this year. But don't worry, now he's ready to go traveling again, fully equipped with his beloved DillySocks. For us, socks are not only a fashion statement, but also a source of endless joy. Time to move on to the next level of our journey!

Welcome back to the world of extraordinary socks!

We proudly present the heart of our campaign: our Add Some Dilly To Your Life video, which once again takes you into the surreal world of the protagonist. With colorful socks on his feet and a decidedly neutral look on his face, he explores bizarre sci-fi landscapes and reminds us that life is too short to wear boring socks. The video was created in close collaboration with zweihund GmbH.

Inspired by the world

Let's bring a little Dilly into our lives together and fill the world with joy and color - starting with our feet. We wouldn't miss this exciting trip if we were you. Because a little color in life is good. Add Some Dilly To Your Life!