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Zoo Zurich x DillySocks
19 Jun 2023

Zoo Zurich x DillySocks

Have you heard? Zurich Zoo is celebrating a remarkable anniversary - the 20th anniversary of the Masoala Hall. This was in fact opened on June 30, 2003 and is still a pioneering example for the protection and preservation of ecosystems. As part of these celebrations, Zurich Zoo is offering a special souvenir in cooperation with DillySocks - colorful anniversary socks with Masoala motifs.

Anniversary socks: Colorful celebrations at Zurich Zoo

Our colorful socks represent the vibrant diversity of the Masoala Rainforest, which is located in the Zurich Zoo on the Zürichberg. For 20 years, visitors have been able to experience endangered animal species such as the red ruffed lemur, chameleon or maned ibis in their natural environment in this mini ecosystem. The Masoala Hall in Zurich Zoo creates a direct connection to the endangered paradise of the same name in Madagascar. And now we can do it with our socks too!

Buying socks with super powers: protecting the rainforest with the Masoala Box

Purchasing the Masoala Box, which contains the anniversary socks, enables each individual to actively participate in rainforest conservation. With every purchase we donate 5 Swiss francs to further support the Masoala nature conservation project. This project contributes to preserving the unique flora and fauna of the Masoala rainforest and making people aware of the importance of protecting threatened ecosystems.

Masoala Hall: animal party at Zurich Zoo

The history of the Masoala Hall is marked by challenges and obstacles that had to be overcome. Despite delays, the zoo managed to form a partnership with the Malagasy Ministry of Water and Forests and create the Masoala National Park in Madagascar. This commitment has a lasting impact on the protection of the rainforest and the preservation of its unique biodiversity.

The Masoala Hall was opened in 2003 and has since impressed visitors with its natural concept. Animals and plants live together in a species-appropriate environment. Visitors have the opportunity to move in the middle of this living ecosystem. The hall is an important symbol for the preservation of endangered habitats and impressively shows how important it is to protect and preserve natural diversity.

Would you like to learn more about the Masoala Hall? Then take a look at Zurich Zoo !

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