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Summer socks from A to Z
01 May 2024

Summer socks from A to Z

Summer, sun, sunshine - The summer months are the best time to wear our Invisibles and Shorties collections. Reason enough to give them our well-deserved attention and to share a few facts about our summer socks (our footies and sneaker socks) with you.

Discover our sneaker socks and invisibles

Shorties - Our short sneaker socks

DillySocks sneaker socks are real classics in summer. Because they are the perfect addition to - you guessed it - casual sneakers! And as is well known, they have high season in spring and summer. What makes our sneaker socks so special? In addition to their high quality, of course, their colorful designs. Our sneaker socks only peek out over the sneaker - the casual patterns of our colorful socks still upgrade your sneaker look to 100. So you are always in style.

Some inspiration? Then have a look at our sneaker socks.

Invisibles - Our invisible footies

In addition to our shorties, true ankle lovers can also choose from our Invisibles, our tried-and-tested socks. These are invisible (ie invisible) in sneakers, and range from the middle of the foot to just below the heel. Just below the heel makes you afraid of slippery socks? We can take care of that! Because of an extra anti-slip strip added to the heel, the sock stays up without any problems.

In our opinion, our colorful footlets show their true size in different ways: Worn in shoes, they help your shoes and ankles to make a big impression with their sock-free look. If you take off your shoes, Invisibles in our casual styles bring your outfit to new heights. A clear win-win for your feet.

interest aroused? Then let's go to our invisibles .


Summer socks - sock heroes for the warm season

As with all our socks, the main component of our sneaker socks is organic cotton. Paired with (recycled) polyester and elastane, the sneaker socks are perfect for everyday use. Because of the valuable properties of the materials, they have all the qualities that you want in casual sneaker socks and invisibles:

  • Summer compatible : Your feet can breathe freely thanks to our material composition.
  • High wearing comfort : they stay exactly where they should be: on the heel!
  • 100% free of harmful substances : All our socks are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.
  • Made in Europe : Our shorties and invisibles are sustainably produced in a family business in Portugal


FAQs on summer socks 

Sneaker socks are short socks specially developed for use in sneaker shoes. Typically reaching ankle length, they are designed to provide reasonable coverage and protection in low visibility situations. DillySocks sneaker socks are popular for their comfort, breathability and ability to wick sweat and keep feet dry while complementing sneaker style in warmer months.

Invisibles socks , also known as invisible socks or booties, are socks made to be nearly invisible when worn inside sneaker shoes. They are short and only cover the front part of the foot. They reach just below the heel. DillySocks footlets are ideal for shoes such as sneakers, loafers or slip-ons because, unlike conventional socks, they are not visible. The grip strip on the heel still guarantees a secure hold.

Theoretically yes, but we advise against it. Because wearing sneakers without socks can cause your feet to sweat more and unpleasant odors to develop. The reason for this is the faster multiplication of bacteria in the shoe. To avoid this problem, we recommend sneaker socks or booties . Short socks offer some advantages (sweat absorption, odor control) while at the same time giving the impression of being barefoot. Win win!

In summer we clearly recommend our short sneaker socks or footlets . In the colder season, our SNKR tennis socks are our absolute favorite sneakers!


Here you can find all our summer socks . With this in mind: Stay cool, stay comfy!