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Everyday Bravery - Our AW23 socks collection
01 Sep 2023

Everyday Bravery - Our AW23 socks collection

There is big news at DillySocks! Our brand new autumn winter socks collection 2023, which has the motto Everyday Bravery , is now available.

In our opinion, facing everyday challenges positively and with enthusiasm requires a lot of courage. Courage that we would like to celebrate with the launch of our brand new autumn-winter campaign, Everyday Bravery. After our spring-summer collection Open to the World , Everyday Bravery boldly covers another of our DillySocks values .

Discover our new Everyday Bravery socks collection 

The idea behind our Everyday Bravery AW23 campaign

We are brave. Every day. Often we don't even recognize small Everyday Hero successes. It is these everyday, precious moments that guide us through the complexity of everyday life, through which we move forward and grow.

We are of the opinion: courage must be rewarded! With our brand new AW23 campaign we pay homage to the small deeds of the Everyday Hero. And we want to properly celebrate the courage that you and I show every day! How we do this? With lots of exercise and colorful socks.

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Did the video inspire you? Then let’s get to our socks

6 signs of courage

True to our Everyday Bravery campaign, we visually accompany the launch of our new autumn winter socks collection with 6 little stories of courage. The aim is to transform everyday, courageous actions into dance movements.

AW23_Colorful Delusion sock

Showing empathy

To be brave enough to empathize with ourselves and understand how and who we are. We want to celebrate our victories and defeats by giving each other everyday affection every day.

AW23_Math Class Sock

Being Alone

The beautiful and destructive feeling of loneliness that we experience along the way. We want to celebrate the bravery it takes to overcome them gracefully and sometimes even enjoy them.

AW23_Grand Marigold sock


Sometimes we don't realize how brave we actually are when we take the first step toward resolving an argument - by being vulnerable.

AW23_Smiles All Over Socks

Providing Comfort

We mostly reject the idea of ​​tenderness. What if we were brave enough to show them more often? Boundaries We want to recognize the moments when we are brave enough to say a simple and hard NO.

AW23_Happy Sausage Dog socks

Setting Boundaries

We want to acknowledge the moments when we are brave enough to say a simple and hard NO.

AW23_Edelweiss sock

Waking Up

The inner conflict of facing what awaits you when you wake up. It is brave to wake up when we don't believe we can face the massive burden that awaits. What gets you out of bed?

Discover our autumn winter socks collection 2023

Do you like the sneak peak of our collection that you saw in our campaign?
Then nothing but our entire collection.
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FAQs about our AW23 socks collection

Our Everyday Bravery collection includes 55 brand new colorful sock designs for adults . A total of 6 new sock designs are available as partner look socks for the whole family.
The Everyday Bravery collection includes our "classic" socks. What exactly do we mean by classic? Contrary to the normal understanding of the word, we refer to our colorful motif socks - because that's how DillySocks started; this is our "classic" sock model. In addition to the creative patterns, the model is characterized by a wide comfort cuff, a mid-calf length and flat seams for extra comfort.
You can read exactly what we mean by sustainable socks in our sustainability article . In general, all of our socks from the new Everyday Bravery collection are manufactured in Portugal in a family-run company under fair working conditions. The cotton used also comes from 100% certified organic farming.
The socks in the Everyday Bravery collection were made in Portugal. Our producer is a family-run company in the north of Portugal that specializes in socks and with whom we have a close, long-standing collaboration.
Our Everyday Bravery collection is available for adults in sizes 36-40 and 41-46. For children there are sizes 0-12 months, 12-24 months, 2-3 years, 4-6 years, 7-9 years. You can find an exact size table here .