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Outlawz Food x DillySocks - Welcome to the hood
14 Feb 2024

Outlawz Food x DillySocks - Welcome to the hood

Question the status quo with innovative products? It's exactly our thing. A sock collab with the Bernese brand Outlawz Food, which is revolutionizing the food scene with plant-based meat alternatives, is a match made in (food) heaven.

Toe-tally vegan

Welcome to the hood of taste and sustainability – welcome to Outlawz Food! Forget everything you've heard about boring food, because the innovative Bernese food brand is about more than just the simple bite. The team sees itself as outlaws of the kitchen who bring the taste buds into overdrive with their plant-based creations while respecting animals and the environment. In the Bernese Oberland they don't make plans for boring meals, but rather break with traditions and set new standards for nice plant-based food. By the way, there is also an online shop !

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Completely to our liking

Because good, rebellious taste is exactly our thing, we started a small but nice sock collab with Outlawz Food. What could better embody our unconventional style than socks dedicated to super delicious plant-based meat alternative products? Together with Outlawz Food, we have designed three unique sock models that not only flatter your feet, but also your conscience.

Outlawz Food Socks

Not bacon

  • The perfect socks for everyone who wants to give up meat but not taste. With its striking design and clear message, Not Bacon is a must-have for anyone who wants to express a plant-based lifestyle with a wink.


  • FTP stands for “For the Planet & for the People”, and is a tribute to the values ​​of Outlawz Food. Shaking up the status quo of the food scene through innovative products - is there anything better?

Forever vegan

  • A statement for eternity. With its bright color and clear message, Forever Vegan is the perfect sock for anyone who is proud of their vegan lifestyle.

Plant Powered Socks

DillySocks and Outlawz Food are not just about style, but also about sustainability and responsibility. That's why all of our socks are not only vegan, but also made from high-quality organic cotton and produced in a small family business in Portugal (you can find the exact composition of organic cotton, (recycled) polyester and elastane on the respective product detail pages). We can identify 100% with Outlawz Food's "FTP" approach - For The Planet & For The People.

Open-minded and totally on trend

At Outlawz Food it's definitely more "free-mouth" than "shishi" - and that also applies to our socks. With our bold designs and bright colors, our Outlawz socks are more than just an accessory - they're a statement. Become part of the hood!

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