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lavie x DillySocks - C'est la vie!
21 Apr 2023

lavie x DillySocks - C'est la vie!

Two labels - many similarities: lavie x DillySocks. As a sustainable company, DillySocks stands for fair and ethical trading. This not only applies to our fresh socks, but also to the selection of our partners. After all, we don't sleep with everyone. With the sustainable Heimtextil brand lavie, however, it sparked immediately. That's why we literally crawled under the covers and are now doing something together - in the lavie x DillySocks Collab! After a lot of cooing and intense grabbing, we realized that it could be more than a one-night stand. How, what exactly? lavie puts his bedding in the hands of DillySocks and we hand our socks over to lavie. In short, we make the sheets and lavie our socks. We both love to try new things and firmly believe that creativity is encouraged and outstanding designs are created in this way.

And born was GUNNAR, our cheeky kleptomaniac seagull from the cool north. We can finally introduce you to the new designs from the #CleptomanicFriendCollection. Now it's your turn! Decide for yourself and discover the socks from lavie and the bed linen from DillySocks. These will not only heat you up in bed, but also keep your feet warm, summer and winter - as long as GUNNAR doesn't steal them from the clothesline, of course.

C'est la vie! The idea behind the campaign.

A cuddly little nest, that's worth striving for. Gunnar, our cheeky kleptomaniac bird from the cool north, also wants one of these. No challenge is too big for him on his thieving tour. And so he skilfully glides through the basement window to pluck the great sock from the clothesline, or on a meticulously planned trajectory, with increased speed into the hammam, where he rips the pestemal off the relaxed visitor and finally flies blind Looping through the semi-dark bedroom, where he loads the incredibly cuddly pillow.

Mission completed - Gunnar's snuggle nest is ready for occupancy. Because Gunnar also has a great desire for a plastic-free future, he usually collects up to two pet bottles on his tours, which unfortunately drift in his beloved waters. Inspired by Gunnar, 10% of the sales of the #cleptomanicfriendcollection are donated to rePATRN. Because rePATRN also collects pet and pursues the goal of giving the material a long-term value and creating products out of it that people want to keep.

Here you get to the products . And here is our great video for the collab lavie x DillySocks. Looking in puts you in a good mood!

We donate 10% of sales to

In the lavie x DillySocks collab, we don't just try out new things, which we have a lot of fun with. Our two brands share the same values ​​and friends. Our mutual friend Jeffrey, originally Ghanaian, has taken on the recycling issue in Ghana. Plastics, especially plastic bottles, pose the greatest challenge there. The lack of disposal policy does the rest. We want to support him in his honorable mission. Because we, too, want a future that is as plastic-free as possible and a healthy, livable environment. As a responsible company, it is important to us to reinvest in the environment.

More about rePATRN

DillySock's philosophy on sustainability

The issue of sustainability is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy. It's part of Dilly's DNA. That is why it is our priority to act as comprehensively and holistically as possible as a company.

This means not only producing ecologically, but also treating resources, people and the environment fairly and responsibly. Our entire value chain is sustainable: from procurement and packaging to profit. This is how we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We also pay attention to the economic dimension and make sure that we develop positively together in an ethical and correct way.

Sustainability is not a trend for us. It is our foundation and our philosophy for a future worth living. At DillySocks we set high standards when it comes to sustainable fashion. Nature and people are very important to us. Without them there would be no us and no socks. It is not for nothing that we are the most sustainable and innovative sock supplier in all of Switzerland. And we want to stay that way for a long time to come.

The values ​​of lavie - C'est la vie!

lavie makes home textiles. Made of linen, organic cotton and new hemp. The Heimtextil label designs timeless textiles that accompany you in everyday life. At best, for life. The collections are casual, functional and calmly beautiful. They convince with timeless and gender-neutral patterns and yarn- or piece-dyed products.

  • #organiccotton All cotton products are made from 100% organic cotton. Further processing according to GOTS not only takes environmental but also social standards into account.
  • #fromeuropewithlove lavie produces fairly and sustainably in Europe. That means fair wages, regulated working hours and equal rights. The trusting cooperation with long-standing partners is also reflected in the quality of the products.
  • #reduceplastic The bed linen is packaged sustainably. The packaging is made from 100% FSC-certified recycled cardboard. With professional disposal, the packaging can be returned to the cycle. In addition, the label completely dispenses with the use of glue and plastic for the packaging.

lavie are textiles for your life. Casual, sustainable and calmly beautiful.