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Giahi collection

Giada & Basil

Giahi collection

Who are you and what do you do?
Giahi GmbH stands for expressing personalities through extravagant jewellery and professional tattoo and piercing art, and was created by young entrepreneur Giada Ilardo in the year 1999. Over the past 18 years, Giahi GmbH has developed into a unique body art business – the largest of its kind in the world. The firm operates three lively branches in prime locations in Zurich, and a fourth branch at the Bahnhofplatz in Winterthur. We are driven by a passion for body jewellery on people, and by a love for art and craftsmanship itself. Our large and loyal client base shows us that Giahi is more than just a shop – it’s truly an attitude. 

Where does your inspiration come from? Which artists/brands inspire you?
We regularly treat ourselves to breaks in London, New York and Japan, and let ourselves be inspired on these travels. We often come home with a rucksack full of ideas. We love brands that are exclusive – small labels or artists that produce unique, handmade pieces with a lot of heart. In the future, we’d like to offer our clients more carefully-selected, exclusive products in Giahi stores. 

What does socks mean to you? How important are socks for your outfit?
Nowadays, socks are no longer just a functional item of clothing when putting together an outfit. On the contrary, you can use socks to emphasise your outfit. In this way, you can bring your individual style to life. Last but not least, socks are a sign of courage and self-confidence. 

Which tattoo style do you personally like the most?
No one in particular. The important thing is that the tattoo style suits the person – that they can identify with their individually-designed tattoo and that it underlines their personality. The chosen tattoo and the person should blend into one, so that the person with the tattoo is inspiring, rather than the tattoo serving as a stand-alone artwork. 

What do Giahi and DillySocks have in common? 
Like DillySocks, Giahi arouses people’s emotions and sells an individual lifestyle. Colours are very important for us, as humans. They help us move through life in a more happy and lively way. The colourful world of tattoos, just like the vibrant socks at DillySocks, creates a good mood and is anything but boring – it’s an expression of yourself. 

What's your life motto?
Always try to be your own number 1. We think it’s unbelievably important to stay true to yourself and follow your wishes and dreams. For 18 years, we’ve built on the strength of our vision – and so far, we’ve never been disappointed. 

The Swiss companies Giahi and DillySocks are joining forces to add an extra splash of colour to our feet. Jewellery, tattoos and piercings: Giahi has been around since 1999, and has turned into a real lifestyle. In Zurich alone, there are three branches in prime locations, all driven by their art and craftsmanship. This colourful collaboration proves that Giahi’s tattoo designs don’t just get under your skin – they also look great on fabric. The cheerful sock designs are called Katana, Kabuto and Maneki Neko. 

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