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Dyer-Smith Frey Collection

Gian Frey & James Dyer-Smith

Dyer-Smith Frey Collection

Who are you and what do you do?
Dyer-Smith Frey is made up of a highly motivated crew with fresh skills like Gian and James, who lead the team. We are specialists in interiors and branding. When it comes to interiors, we always strive to produce a custom-made design and to create a stylish environment in which people enjoy spending time. The mission is the same, whether we are working on a restaurant, a private residence or a hotel. Every job we do should tell a story. In branding, we aim for a clear statement. Our brand identity should shine through as elegant, sleek and timeless. Within the DSF Collection brand we are developing furniture and products which now also represent our DillySocks.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
We enjoy finding inspiration in the past – the 1950s and 1970s have always done it for us. But city life is also important to us. We draw from Paris, London and a Scandinavian freshness. At the same time, it’s important to us to place a modern twist on things. When old and new come together, something big happens. We travel a lot and keep our eyes open: city trips, hiking, sailing and looking at a lot of books and magazines.

What do socks mean to you? How important are socks to your outfit?
James: socks have clearly become an important and fashionable accessory. Although I spend the whole summer barefoot in my moccasins, I’m now happy that the colder weather is coming so that I can wear our new DillySocks!
Gian: I bought my first pair of colourful, knee-high socks about twenty years ago at a fair, and since then I’ve never bought another pair of black socks.

What object in the world would you like to have designed yourself?
James: the Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
Gian: the interior of a Wally sailing boat like the Open-Season.

What do Dyer-Smith Frey and DillySocks have in common?
We are young, creative and love our work. We clearly go the extra mile that it takes to be successful. And of course the patterns we use in our designs and brandings are reflected in our collection.

Your work motto?
Dream big, work hard, have fun and stay focused. 

James Dyer-Smith and Gian Frey, the founders of the interior and branding agency Dyer-Smith Frey, have already styled some absolute gems, from the Hotel City Zurich to the John Baker bakery, and from the Monkey Bar to private penthouses.  Additionally, the pair also has its own furniture collection on the market, in which it combines sleek patterns and elegant designs with references to the 1950s and 1970s.

Dyer-Smith Frey is now launching three of its classic patterns for DillySocks as limited edition socks for both men and women. After all, fashion and architecture have always been linked – both fields manage to communicate wordlessly and have to combine comfort and style.

The result: 3 limited edition DillySocks in architectural patterns, neatly arranged around the foot in lots of colours, and made meticulously with the finest cotton and elastane.

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