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About Us

Swiss Design - Sustainably Produced in Portugal 

A more colourful daily existence – That’s what we thought when we founded the colored socks label DillySocks in 2013 in order to turn the world of feet on its head. We are three friends who grew up together in Zurich and have known each other for ages. The idea came about during a trip we took in 2012. Inspired by the colourful impressions from that journey, we developed a vision of making the world’s daily accessories more colorful. Those bright ideas remain an important component of our product to this day. We have pursued this concept from the very beginning, and are continually creating off-beat adornments for the feet. The unique patterns, inspired by the colors and shapes of everyday life, are designed in Switzerland – stylish and fashionable, but also colorful and cheeky. Each pair is a step towards a more colorful world! 

At DillySocks we not only place great value on uniqueness, but also on comfort, quality and innovation. That’s why every pair of socks is lovingly made by a family business in Portugal, using high-quality European cotton meeting the Oeko Tex Standard 100. This company is run in the second generation and was able to consolidate its position as a specialist in sock production over the years. Portugal which is considered to be a low risk country in terms of production has just recently raised minimum wages. Our definition of sustainability is not only limited to minimizing the impact on the environment, it also has a social dimension. Therefore, we fully support this development despite the raise in production costs.

Packaging-wise we see the greatest potential for improvement. Therefore, as of autumn 2019 in addition to the paper tags that are already made from recycled paper, we exclusively use PLA bags instead of conventional plastic ones. These compostable bags are made from polylactic acid and generate up to 60% less CO₂ emissions during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, our hangers consist of production and food leftovers and are also 100% biodegradable.

Even though, we have not yet reached our goal of making the world more colorful in a fully sustainable way, we are very keen to get closer to it through collaborations and innovations.