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For every street style outfit the matching pair of sneaker socks.

Our sneaker socks are the freshest ones on the market. And thanks to their high quality, these DillySocks are also extremely comfortable and can be worn all day without any problems. With these stylish sports socks you give your outfit the final kick. Whether Black, White, Tie Dye or on Fire 🔥, here you will find the right design for every style and taste. Speak up, be rebellious and show us your sneaker style.

And psst, here's another Dilly insider: SNKR is the follow-up model of our performance socks. They are also perfectly suitable as tennis socks or sports socks.

What makes our sneaker socks so special?

What makes our
Sneaker-Socks so special?

The socks of the new SNKR collection are among the highest quality socks from DillySocks. Not only the unique batik pattern, which makes each pair unique due to the dyeing process. The rest of the designs are also particularly elaborately produced. A special detail is the embroidered logo.

People often think of sneaker socks as ankle high socks, short socks or even invisible socks. DillySocks turns this concept upside down. Our sneaker (SNKR) socks go over the ankle to the calves (calf socks). Yes, show off your cool, colorful socks along with your sneakers. SNKR sneaker socks are colorful, black or white. Fresh batik and flame designs are also not to be missed.

Dilly SNRK - Nachhaltige Sneakersocken mit Stil

Sustainable sneaker socks

Dilly SNKR sneaker socks are certified and climate neutral. Our sneaker socks are mostly made of combed organic cotton. DillySocks stands for sustainable socks, which are designed in Switzerland and produced in Portugal. Using the highest sustainability standards in the fashion industry makes us the most sustainable sock brand in Switzerland and beyond. For more info on how we at DillySocks understand sustainable fashion check out our blog.

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Sneaker socks for women, men oder diverse feet

Like all other socks from DillySocks, SNKR socks are unisex. Thanks to the compression arch and the elastic shaft, the sports socks or SNKR socks fit perfectly to any foot shape. In addition to the fit, the compression arch protects against the formation of blisters. Not to mention the high cotton content (80% organic cotton) and the breathable knitting technology that lets your feet breathe. Whether you're in the gym, on the tennis court, jogging or on the dance floor. The Dilly SNKR collection is suitable for any situation in life.

Like all our socks, our sneaker socks make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and many other occasions. Here you can find our original gift boxes for socks.

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Dilly SNRK - Nachhaltige Sneakersocken mit Stil