Every year, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May - and every year we face the same question: What to give mom (or grandma, or favorite aunty, or...) for her day of honor? To save you an unnecessary back and forth and her the usual bouquet of flowers, we come up with a hot tip: Socks! Lots of colorful socks. 

Our sustainable socks come in many different flower varieties - why not give colorful flower socks instead of a boring bouquet this year! They won't wilt and they'll bring joy all year round!

You hate wrapping presents? Tape sticks to your fingers, the paper is cut in wavy lines and your packages look like they were packed by a child? No problem at all. Just order our colorful gift wrappings - open them, put in up to 3 pairs of socks and you're done. Bonus points for a ribbon on top!

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