What's my size?

You are not quite sure which sock size is correct for you or your loved ones? No problem! Find the measurements for all our models for Euro sizes, US sizes, UK sizes and even in centimeters here. Get out your ruler and get started!

sock size

You are interested in our Classic socks, Shorties, Invisibles, One Color and Performance? Then this is the table you should check out. Find out if 36-40 or 41-46 is appropriate for you!

Kids size

Your kids and their feet grow faster than you can watch? No problem, will find exactly the right size for them in this size chart!


Premium Women size

Your heart beats for our Premium Women designs? You've come to the right place. Find out if you should order a 35-38 or a 39-41 for your socks to fit perfectly!

Premium Men size

Our Premium Men business socks look good to you? Then find out in this table whether 39-42 or 43-46 is the real deal for you!