Hey there,
rabbit gang!

We love Easter. A holiday that makes us think of spring, color and families - so fun! And it's really a perfect match with DillySocks because we've got color galore - and for the whole family.

You are still looking for a cute gift for your loved ones' nests? Then you've come to the right place! Check out our Easter guide!

For little animal friends

There's no way around him at Easter: The Easter bunny! Luckily, we've got wonderful bunny socks from our Limited Edition with Librio.

And what would the bunny be without other animals?
Quite lonely! That's why it's best to get him some animal friends.

For cuddle bunnies

The Easter nest should put a smile on a kid's face? Then there's only one solution: A DillyMonkey!

The sustainably produced sock monkeys get along well with every chocolate Easter bunny and can even be grasped by little kids. A gift for the heart!

For picky pickers 
Not sure what to give as a gift? No problem. For such emergencies, there's always our vouchers for 50, 100 or 150 francs/euro/dollar - a colorful promise coming from the heart. Then the lucky recipient can choose exactly what he or she likes. Win-win!

Für adult Easter lovers

You are never too old for gifts. That's why our Easter guide also includes something for adults who still believe in the Easter Bunny: Our popular 3-piece gift boxes!

The boxes are available in sizes 36-40 and 41-46.