present the best Christmas present: «The Climate Box»

For each box, 10 kg of CO2 get removed from the atmosphere.




Last year's Climate Sock was loved by many of you and we were totally overrun by demand. That's why we are super happy to present our brand new Climate Box with three special designs!

Like all DillySocks, the socks in the box are made of organic cotton and were produced in Portugal.

To get 10 kilograms of CO2 out of the atmosphere, the box is a little more expensive. The additional proceeds go entirely to our partner Climeworks, who uses them to filter CO2 from the atmosphere. You can find more information about Climeworks below.

Just scan the QR code on the box to get the corresponding confirmation!

10 kg CO2
per Box.

That's roughly equivalent to the ecological footprint of 10 cups of coffee. Crazy, right?

In case you were wondering, the small white spots on the right side of the picture are CO2 that was petrified by the Carbfix process.

present «The Climate Sock»

For each pair, 1 kg CO2 is removed from the atmosphere.

To realize the project Climate Sock, we have brought in additional knowledge from CO2 professionals: We teamed up with the Swiss direct air capture pioneers of Climeworks. Climeworks filters CO2 from the ambient air with its Direct Air Capture technology in Iceland. The CO2 is then mixed with water and pumped deep below the earth's surface. Through natural mineralization, the carbon dioxide reacts with the basalt rock and turns itself into stone within a few years. It is thus permanently removed from the atmosphere.

We start directly with the product. Because the heart of DillySocks are socks.

The design of the climate sock shows different aspects that concern us in this context - arctic animals fearing for their habitat and the ubiquitous plastic from which there seems to be no escape. 

Like all DillySocks, the sock is made of organic cotton and is produced in Portugal. In order to get 1 kilogram of CO2 out of the air, the pair of socks costs 1 Swiss Franc or Euro more - CHF 15.90 or 13.90 €. The additional Franc goes entirely to Climeworks' Carbon Dioxide Removal Solution. 

A certificate proving that Climeworks receives 1 Swiss franc or Euro with your purchase and that 1 kilogram of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere will be sent to you with your order confirmation.

1 kg CO2
per pair of socks.

You want to do something for the climate yourself? You're looking for a unique gift? Polar bears are your favorite animals? You just like colorful socks? Then the climate sock is just right for you!

The climate sock is a starting point for an increased commitment of DillySocks against climate change, supported by the strong partner Climeworks. And we are already tinkering with many other ideas. So stay tuned!

More information about Climeworks can be found here. (Psst: They offer great CO2-Removal subscriptions!)