For her.

Looking for something for that special woman in your life? No problem. Girlfriend, wife, grandma, or favorite aunt, we've got something for her!

For him.

He likes the color blue? He likes it spicy? He's a business guy? We got you.

Climate Box.

Our latest project in cooperation with Climeworks: 10 kilograms of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere per box - a perfect gift for climate-conscious people! Find more info here.

For everyone: Gift boxes.

Socks are a boring gift? Depends on the socks, we answer and present our gift boxes. They come in all sorts of colors and designs - you'll find something for everyone!

For kids.
Because Christmas should also be great for the little ones. Secret tip: Our sock monkeys!

Gift cards

Gift wrappings
You hate gift wrapping? Tape sticks to your finger, you can't get the paper straight and your gifts look like they were wrapped by a child? No problem. Order our colorful gift wrappings - open them, put in up to 3 pairs of socks, and you're done. Bonus points for a self-tied bow on top!