Christmas Gift Guide - For the family - DillySocks

For families who love Dr. Dolittle.

We have just the right gift for families who prefer to spend their weekends at the zoo: Our animal designs for kids and grownups. Get the right size for every family member to make the family twinning look perfect!

For bookworm

Our newest Collab is just the thing for families who love to read: Together with Librio, we have designed a supercute children's collection with 4 forest animals from the Librio book "The Tree, The Key & Me" - combine the socks with the book and you have the perfect gift!

Für nature loving families.
Preferably outdoors, preferably where it's green and blooming - preferably in matching socks! Flowers and leaves provide the right feeling on the feet of the whole family.

For families who love patterns.

We have a lot of them in stock - there has rarely been so much unity under the Christmas tree!

Nope, not the right thing?
No problem. For such emergencies we recommend our vouchers for 50, 100 or 150 Francs - a colorful promise coming from the heart. Then the family can choose exactly what they like. Perfect!