February 25th, 2019

"Socks can really disappear in the washing machine!"

It is one of the great secrets of mankind: the loss of individual socks. Whether magic or a sock monster - there's not end to the theories about the lost socks. But: Could the eternal mystery be solved? Or could the sock really whirl through the slit between the rubber and the washing drum during washing, be pulled out where the water gets in. We did a little research.

And indeed: Expert Wilfried Pusch, who has been repairing washing machines for 35 years, pursued this very thesis - and told MDR (German public broadcaster): "Everything is correct. There is nothing to add. It varies from model to model. But of course, there is disappearance. If the socks then get caught on the machine's radiator, they would be dissolved "by chemistry", Pusch continued. 

It should be noted, however, that when asked, the major washing machine manufacturers say that the gap in the machine is designed to be as thin as possible - and therefore no socks should actually fit through. Miele's spokeswoman also believes that most socks simply get lost.

The fact is: In order to get to the bottom of the whole thing - or to stop losing socks - there is only one thing that helps: individual DillySocks in all shapes and colors. Because two always belong together. And this is probably the best counter-tactic ever!