July 27th, 2021

More than just socks - our packaging


You probably know that our socks are as sustainable as possible. But sustainability does not stop there - we do our best to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible when it comes to packaging.

Read more about our journey to sustainable product packaging here!



At the beginning of our journey, the vast amounts of plastic used in conventional packaging methods were a thorn in our side. Hence, we decided to avoid unnecessary packaging layers and plastic in general whenever possible.

We also started looking for more environmentally friendly packaging options and discovered the material PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is a plastic-like substance that is obtained from renewable and natural raw materials. It is therefore purely organic and compostable. We currently use PLA when a protective layer is absolutely essential.



But that was not enough because the nature of the hangers also bothered us. Until now, they had been made of conventional plastic. We therefore teamed up with the innovative minds at FluidSolids. FluidSolids is a Zurich-based company leading in the development of customized biocomposites that do not compete with food crops.

Together, we developed a hanger made from industrial waste of renewable resources, f.e. nut shells, wood fibers, corn cobs, cardboard, hemp fibers, or paper. The hanger does not require a single additional square meter of agricultural land. And it can be composted!



The colorful DillySocks are shipped in equally colorful boxes. Have you noticed that there are different design variants? Once again, our design team has outdone itself! The cardboard itself is certified with the FSC Mix label. This means that materials from FSC-certified forests and/or recycled material as well as material from controlled sources were used in the production.

The box design makes it very easy to re-use the box for another colorful package. If you can't use the box anymore, please recycle it correctly.



Last but not least, our labels are made of recycled paper and are attached to the sock with a binding thread that you can open with a deft tug - no scissors needed.



That's it. Our packaging is 100% organic and contains no plastic.

Even though packaging is not the sexiest topic to talk about, it is an integral part of a sustainable company. We are proud of how far we have comee. But our journey is far from over - we continue to work on becoming more and more sustainable!