March 1st, 2019

It's a DillyMonkey!

Our family has grown! Leftover stock from past collections is used to produce our cute and cuddly DillyMonkeys. They're made by people with disabilities in cooperation with the Pigna Foundation. This lovely project was made possible by a collaboration with Edelweiss Air. Hence, you can find our sock monkeys for sale in their in-flight magazine.

Every fashion label knows the problem: At the end of the season, there's always a product surplus. We were also confronted with this problem and wanted to find new ways to solve it. When we thought about possible upcycling methods, we came up with the idea of cuddly toys. After extensive research we found and contacted the Pigna Foundation. Luckily, they shared our enthusiasm for the project rightaway.

Things developed pretty quickly and we delivered our colored remnants to Bülach to the Engelwisen workshop, which is affiliated with the foundation. Thanks to the support of the specialized staff there, the first DillyMonkey was born just a short time later. The patterns of each of these Sock Monkeys are absolutely unique and are guaranteed not to be found in any other children's room in the world. 

With the purchase of a DillyMonkey, you not only support the Pigna Foundation. You also give a person with disabilities a paid job opportunity and thus, provide him or her with a meaningful daily structure. It's a win-win situation! We're glad to have implemented a project which plays a vital part in maintaining and developing in the sustainability of our business, our products, and all other parties involved.