April 27th, 2015

Fashionhotel and Sneakerness

Sneaker fans or fashionistas, opinion leaders or up-and-coming rappers, fashion bloggers or hip-hop heads: they were all enthusiastic about the colorful socks. And yes, we had action-packed weekends - and twice in a row.

First the sneakerness was on and of course we were there with a booth. Even though the hall was always crowded and there was hardly any way to get through, we can proudly say that we also provided a lot of variety and color there. Hundreds of interested people took a look at our socks - and finally matched them with the newly acquired sneakers.

Even more special was the Fashionhotel event one weekend later. We didn't just capture our own hotel room and let the socks hang from the ceiling - no, even on the catwalk our jewelry was presented (sometimes under inches long heels). Let's hope that Karl Lagerfeld also saw that this is more than just possible. Here are the great pictures of the two highlights.