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Start the new school year with cool socks

Wow...! It's that time again. The new school year starts. With our children's socks, the little ones shine right from the start. Whether at school or kindergarten. With funny colorful socks from DillySocks the kids make the first perfect steps into the new school year. Kids will be delighted when this year, on the first day of school, it's "Wow, where did you get those great socks?" Of course, all our children's socks are also sustainable, ecologically produced and meet the highest product standards. We guarantee the best and healthy wearing comfort. By the way, our socks are also the ideal gift for the start of school.

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At the end of each season, there are sock designs that are left over. We decided to give these leftovers a second life. With the help of various inclusive foundations under the guidance of our talented sewing partner Rebekka, we create cuddly plush monkeys from the colorful foot jewelry.

The long arms and legs are great for any child to grab and play with.

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