Young Artist Series:
Alba De Zanet

Young Artists rock!

Young people have the freshest ideas - does that also apply to sock designs? We believe so and that's why we're launching the Young Artist Series! We work with young, creative artists and develop great sock designs together with them. Let's start with the enchanting Alba De Zanet!





Alba is an illustrator and designer from Bern. Always by her side: Her (super cute) sidekick and dog Sir Captain Charlie. Alba loves colors and patterns - the more diverse and crazy, the better. A perfect fit with DillySocks!

Alba's signature designs are definitely her sassy booty motifs with the powerful message «All butts are bootyful».

For this collab, Alba came up with three colorful socks with booty designs - classic, crocodile and duck. Are you brave enough to wear them?


Hello Butt-Berties!