Will you be
my Valentine?

Share a pair - love is in
the air!

Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer and you're desperately looking for a great gift for your sweetheart? We got you! If you're looking beyond the classic bouquet and chocolate (nice, but not really innovative), we offer an alternative - flowers for the feet!

Our colorful socks are available in different flower variations, so you can easily give away a whole bouquet of flower socks. Need a more luxurious gift for your girlfriend? Then we recommend our Premium Lady socks.

Couple socks

Get some cute couples socks for you and your sweetheart and walk into the future together - in style! Certain flower and heart socks 🌹❤️ are available in both large and small sizes - get them for both of you for a stunning couple look!

Our motif socks are the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for both women and men. Be a gentleman and give your girlfriend a great Valentine's Day gift!


Socks in a box  

Valentine's Day makes hearts fill with love❤️ The heart is the symbol of love everywhere in the world and therefore cannot be missing on Valentine's Day. That's why we've put together our cutest heart socks for you, so that you can find the best gift ideas for your partner! 

The colorful socks are not only available individually (or rather in pairs ;) but also as a set of three in a gift box. These gift boxes are the ideal gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Therefore, we have selected a wide range of cute socks in a box for you as inspiration. Are you looking for the ultimate gift box to celebrate your love? The Einhorn x DillySocks box contains everything you need to celebrate your love!