Socks that are greener
than they look!

We at DillySocks firmly believe that each of us must care for the environment. That we all need to be careful with resources. And that we must act as sustainably as possible in our actions as a brand. We are convinced that sustainability must be pursued at various levels and that, in addition to ecological and economic aspects, social projects are particularly important. That everyone must be allowed to show his or her true colors without being stepped on his:her toes. Because only then, the world can continue to inspire us with its colors every day. Every pair of DillySocks is a statement for a more colorful, fairer and more ecological world!

A different kind
of upcycling!

No more
stinky socks!

More than just socks –
our packaging

Here are

The collectors' items are produced in Europe – currently in Portugal. This is important to us because we attach great importance to fair working conditions throughout the production chain and also because we work particularly closely with our producers. After all, there are constantly new ideas and collections to implement as great as possible!

Many companies produce where they get the best deal - that is
often in countries where wages are very low and workers are exploited. We can't support that.
That's why we have Fashion Revolution Day: Every year on April 24, we ask ourselves:

Who made my clothes?
Join us and demand more transparency in the textile industry and support sustainable production.


Anyone can claim that they produce and work sustainably!

That's why there are certifications. Because they are tested properly and you can rely on that. Read more about our two certificates below: The Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard and GOTS.


All our DillySocks have the Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certificate. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a certification system that covers all processing stages for textile products. This allows us to ensure that our DillySocks are free of harmful substances and are an ecologically sound product. Clothing free of harmful substances is very important. However, we must also say critically that the certificate only confirms that our DillySocks are free of harmful substances, but does not regulate the manufacturing conditions.



Because this is not enough for us, we have decided to generally only work with productions that meet the criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and to have DillySocks itself also GOTS certified. GOTS takes into account the entire production chain, bans many chemicals and sets minimum social standards. This makes GOTS the world's strictest leading global standard for organic textiles. The aim of GOTS is to ensure sustainable production of textiles and this throughout the entire production chain.



We love organic cotton and keep the cotton content of our socks as high as possible. Because the natural fiber is a real power player: it provides a pleasantly soft feel, is a renewable resource and is biodegradable. A proportion of around 80% has proven to be optimal. However, unfortunately not all styles can be implemented with it, and for particularly elaborate motifs we need the valuable properties of polyamide and elastane.

No plastic,

There's already enough plastic. That's why we rely on biodegradable components for the packaging elements of our DillySocks. We print the labels on recycled paper and, together with Fluidsolid, we have developed a compostable hook made exclusively from wood waste and enzymes. Whenever possible, the socks are shipped directly in the box and without additional packaging. If more protection is needed, we have replaced the plastic sleeves with bags made from polylactic acid. This is a renewable raw material and the bags can also be easily composted.


socks! Nice! 

DillySocks are climate neutral! Climate neutral company, this means: we have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce them continuously and have offset the unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects. We support a Social Impact Project in India and a project for Clean drinking Water in Sierra Leone.

We also offer the climate sock and the climate box. In cooperation with the Swiss Direct-Air-Capture pioneers from Climeworks, 1 kg CO2 per pair and 10 kg CO2 per box are filtered out of the atmosphere. The perfect gift idea for climate-conscious people! Find more info here!

The Dilly
Monkeys are

At the end of a season, there are always unsold socks that remain. We decided to give these leftovers a second life. Our monkeys are made in Switzerland at various inclusive foundations under the guidance of our talented sewing partner, Rebekka. So a lot of love is put into each sock monkey! This way they also contribute to the social coexistence in our society, which is especially close to our hearts. You can find more info here.