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Our mission:

"Making the world more colorful in a sustainable way." And we can do it even better and faster if you pull together with us!

You have that chance now: Become part of DillySocks with the DillyCommunityFunding! This way you profit from every sock we sell.

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You want to become a co-owner of DillySocks?

By buying DillySocks shares you can invest in a local, sustainable and fast growing company.

The technology of Aktionariat gives us the opportunity to offer our shares to our customers as well.

As a co-owner, you benefit from the growth of your favorite brand and have the right to vote at our general meeting.

If you are already one of our customers, buying socks now pays off twice. Because every purchase serves the potential increase in value of your DillySocks share.


Become a co-owner now

Growth potential in the socks market
In Europe alone, the hosiery market is worth a whole 12 billion Swiss francs. So there's more than enough room for us and our plans!

And we still have many ideas for other types of socks and accessories in our quiver that we want to test. The Sky is the Limit!

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Die nächsten Meilensteine
The team is ready for the next milestones. In the last few months we have been able to build a team of 13 highly motivated and talented people.

  • Top of Mind within the DACH region
  • Expansion of the product range
  • Achieving profitability (2024) 
  • 25 million turnover in 2025 

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Strategy and use of funds

  • Brand development in Germany and Austria
  • Expansion of the DillyTeam
  • Development of new products
  • Further development of the supply chain
  • Innovation in the field of sustainability

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Get your DillyShare

With your investment we can expand further and increase the value of your share. Our goal: 25 million Swiss francs in sales in 2025! That corresponds to a fivefold increase in our current figures.

To get there, we need to grow abroad and win over many more DillyFans. Our secret weapon: a talented team and a loyal community. Concentrated marketing, sales and design skills meet a lot of motivation. That's how we'll take the DACH region by storm in the coming years!


Invest in DillySocks now

Share price-

By registering you can get your shares at a special price.

Phase 1 - Purchase at fixed price

  • Fixed selling price: CHF 0.83
  • Limited number of shares
  • Pre-registered users (Pre-Register)
  • Friends and Family (Pre-Register)

Phase 2 - Purchase at floating price

  • Starting price: CHF 0.91
  • Price increases with each token sold
  • Limited number of tokens (no fixed price)

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Over 400
partner stores

In Switzerland, the most renowned fashion houses are among our long-standing partners. But we are also steadily gaining new retail customers in Germany and Austria.

This presence helps us to minimize purchasing risk, increase order volumes, and also strengthen brand awareness. We will continue to expand our physical retail business in parallel with our online business in the future.

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The product in focus
Who owns our socks, knows what we are talking about. Unique designs in sustainable and high quality - designed in Switzerland and produced in a small family business in Portugal. These are DillySocks.

An equally important part of the product is also its sustainability. For example, all DillySocks are made from organic cotton and produced under the GOTS and Oeko-Tex® 100 standards. These seals guarantee textiles that are free of harmful substances and are safe for health. Thus, every pair of DillySocks is a statement for a more colorful, fairer and more ecological world!

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The DillyTeam

The young team behind DillySocks has one mission: to design the coolest products for you. To do this, we spare no effort and always go the extra mile. Our moto is: "Be creative and have fun."

Alina Garbin
Marketing and Customer
Care Manager

Louisa Rolf
Operation and Sustainability

Isa Lindner
Graphic and Motion

Fabian Knup
Founder | Head of Sales
Chief Commercial Officer


Nicole Wandfluh
Marketing Manager

Sophie Köster
Head of Marketing
and Growth

Alem Ramic
Chief Technology 
Officer (CTO)


Fabian Schenk
Head of Sales

Head of cuddle |
Positivity Manager (HCPM)


Nina Balmer
Direct Sales

Sean Pfister
Founder | Brand Director
Chief Executive Officer

Steffanie Bereiter
Shooting und Content

Matthias Waser
Creative Director

Alexandra Casagrande
Chief Financial
Officer (CFO)

Dilly Dilly
Senior Account Manager
Manager CH

Dilly Dilly
Supply Chain

We at DillySocks strongly believe that every person should take care of the environment. That we all need to be careful with resources. And that we need to be as sustainable as possible in what we do as a brand.

That's why we manufacture in Europe. That's why all our packaging is plastic-free. That's why we upcycle. And that's why we're carbon neutral. Because that's the only way every pair of DillySocks is a statement for a more colorful, fairer and more sustainable world!

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The DillyClub is where the real sock fans meet. Every three months, you'll receive a colorful sock delivery at a special price as a subscription - and thanks to the great configurator, you're guaranteed to get socks you like. Club members also enjoy a whole range of great benefits, such as early access to exclusive content. Psst: Also a perfect gift!

Invest in DillySocks now

Th DillyInvestors
These well-known investors and specialists have already invested.

«The founders deliver what they promise - very impressive!»

Stefan PortmannInvestor | Entrepreneur | Retail Specialist

Jetzt in DillySocks investieren

«Life is too short to wear only black and gray socks. That's why I'm glad that DillySocks brings color, fun and a little less seriousness into everyday life.»

André Mäder
CEO KaDeWe Group | Investos | Entrepreneur

Invest in DillySocks now

«DillySocks shows how sustainable fashion is done right.»

Damian Janzi
Innovationsstiftung der Schwyzer Kantonalbank
| Investment Manager | Start Up Specialist 

Invest in DillySocks now

«Climate neutral but not profit neutral, DillySocks shows,
how purpose and profit go together.»

Daniel Schmucki
CFO SIX | Investor | Entrepreneur

Invest in DillySocks now

«We've been invested in DillySocks since the beginning and it's great to see the founders steer the company cleanly through each growth phase.»

Pascal Mathis
Founding Partner Wingman Ventures | Investors | Founder GetyourGuide

Invest in DillySocks now

Pitch Deck?
Request our pitch deck to learn even more about the business model, KPIs & metrics. Send us an email and we will get back to you. 

If you want Fabian and Sean to guide you through the Pitch Deck personally, you can choose a date here

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Noch Fragen?

Do I receive a real share?

Yes, they are fully-fledged shares under Swiss law with all the rights and obligations of a share. The shares are issued in the form of registered securities according to OR 973d.

Will I be registered as an investing person in the DillySocks share register?

In order to obtain an entry in the share register of DillySocks AG, investors must register with their name and address. This is done either once in the Aktionariat Portfolio app (this also automatically places you in the share register of other companies where shares are purchased via the Aktionariat app). Alternatively, under the section "Shareholder Regsitry" on the investor page of DillySocks AG.

Is my identity as an Investor anonymous or published?

Personal data of investors such as name, address and email address will not be published. In order to obtain an entry in the share register of DillySocks AG, investors must register with their name and address. The Ethereum address of a share token holder is stored in the Ethereum blockchain and can be viewed by everyone. 
can be viewed by all, but without being linked to personal data that is not stored on the blockchain.

Is there a shareholder:ing agreement?

By purchasing a share of DillySocks AG, the Investor:in accepts the terms and conditions of the Token Holder Agreement and the Registration Agreement. The Investor:in will be advised of these when purchasing shares and must accept them.

When and how can I sell a share?

Shares can be sold at any time via the shareholder Brokerbot as long as DillySocks AG provides sufficient liquidity. In order for Brokerbot to recognize the shares, one must link the corresponding account.

Are there any transaction fees?

There are fees ("gas fees" from the Ethereum blockchain) when buying and selling DillySocks shares only when transacting using cryptocurrencies.

What is Aktionariat AG?

Aktionariat AG ist ein Technologie-Dienstleister zur Tokenisierung von Aktien. Nebst Tokenisierung der Aktien auf der Ethereum-blockchain rüstet die Aktionariat AG Unternehmen mit einem Company-Dashboard aus und implementiert das Brokerbot-Widget auf der Webseite vom Unternehmen zum Handeln der Aktien.

Im Falle eines Konkurses der Aktionariat AG würden lediglich die Benutzeroberflächen (Aktionariat App, Corporate Dashboard, Market Widgets) nicht mehr existieren, die Inhaber der Token könnten aber weiterhin die mit ihnen verbundenen Rechte übertragen, halten und ausüben. Es besteht auch immer die Möglichkeit, die Token auf anderen Marktplätzen anzubieten. Die Aktionariat AG baut ebenfalls auf der Ethereum-Blockchain auf und verwendet ERC-20-Token, weil sie Kunden wie DillySocks AG nicht unnötig von der Aktionariat AG abhängig macht. Der dezentrale Ansatz ist daher ein Kernanliegen von Aktionariat, da keine neuen Abhängigkeiten geschaffen werden sollen.

Do I own a cryptocurrency if I buy the shares through Aktionariat?

No, it is a «share token», where each token is tied to one share of the company.

Is the Dilly share price dependent on the cryptocurrency price?

No, the price of the Dilly share is not dependent on the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The value of the DillyShare is calculated and traded in Swiss Francs. The price is dependent on supply and demand for stakes in the company DillySocks AG. Only the company value is decisive for the price development of the share.

Can I sell my share at any time?

With the amendments to the Swiss Code of Obligations that came into force on 01.02.21, the concept of register value rights was introduced. Article 973d defines the register value right as a right (1) which is registered in a value right register and (2) which can only be asserted via this register.

A distributed ledger technology (DLT)-based registry, such as a blockchain, meets the requirements for a register of value set forth in Article 973d(2). If permitted by a company's articles of association, securities such as shares can be issued as register value rights.

On this basis, we tokenize our own shares, as well as those of our customers. Thus, the share tokens contain exactly the same rights and obligations as "traditional" shares.

What is the legal foundation for tokenization of Dilly shares?

We intend to provide a certain amount of liquidity so that shares can be bought and sold through the Akionariat Brokerbot.

What is the advantage of an online share register?

The register is always up to date and is maintained automatically. Holders of digital tokens are shareholders and have the same rights as traditional shareholders. All data is forgery-proof after it has been registered in the blockchain.

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Our customers love us

Kerstin Gronauer
Together with my boyfriend, I have ordered several times from DillySocks and we have always been very satisfied. Even if a pair is no longer available, the customer service communicates quickly and very transparently and offers a replacement without major problems. We have also had an accidental double delivery and even here the procedure was very uncomplicated and customer friendly! About the quality of the socks: I have now worn all my socks (8 pairs) every week for over a year and they show no holes or bad wear (a little pilling, but that's perfectly fine). Thank you dear Dilly team! You make sock shopping a real pleasure!

Cécile H.
Super great design, pleasant quality. Have mega joy in the colored socks :) still waiting for the availability of GrumpyPussySocks ;)customer friendly! About the quality of the socks: I have worn all my socks (8 pairs) every week for over a year now and they show no holes or bad wear (a bit of pilling, but that's perfectly fine). Thank you dear Dilly team! You make sock shopping a real pleasure!


Mari Ama
Great designs, super quality, very friendly and competent customer service. I have ordered from the online store several times and will do it again and again in the future. Keep it up!

Susanne Keller
DillySocks has a super fast and friendly customer service. Two requests from me were responded to prombt and uncomplicated. A huge compliment. This is how ordering Susanne K.

Daniela Dreyer
Super fast delivery! Very nice, high quality socks. Competent, very courteous, friendly customer service. What more could you want :)

Not only the high-quality and sustainable processing of the socks, but also the flawless shipping and smooth communication to Germany have done it to us. As a colorful eye-catcher with its pleasant wearing comfort (lies soft on the skin) and a longevity (!!!) are the socks with us in the family can not be imagined without - are also suitable thanks to the packaging boxes and color variety as a gift. Quite great sock cinema. Thank you.



DillySocks AG  
UID: CHE-457.921.833
Address: Eibenstr. 9
8045 Zürich
Legal form: Share company
Number of shares: 15,723,642
Auditors: GwG Prüfung und
Beratung AG
Commercial register entry: Online Auszug
Tokenization condition: Registration


CEO & Brand Director Sean Pfister
CCO & Head of Sales Fabian Knup
CTO Alem Ramic
CFO Alexandra Casagrande