The everyday life is grey!

That's what the three friends Sean Pfister, Fabian Knup and Claudio Lumbiarres thought in 2013 after a journey together. And that's when the vision of making the world more colorful with everyday accessories was born. A short time later DillySocks came to life.

Our goal is to make the world a more colorful place in a sustainable way.


The unique patterns of the socks, inspired by the colors and shapes of everyday life, are designed and created in Switzerland and produced in a small family business in Portugal. An equally important part of the product is its sustainability. For example, all DillySocks are made from organic cotton and produced under the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. This seal guarantees that the textiles are free of harmful substances and are not harmful to our health. So every pair of DillySocks is a statement for a more colorful, fairer and more ecological world!




The DillyTeam.

Alem stays cool when the rest of us gets gray hair because of IT struggles. He's got a quick solution for (almost) all of our technical problems. The mission of his life: He is still looking for the ultimate code that can explain the entire universe.

Alina is the fairy godmother of our Customer Care and tackles all of our customers' concerns with a lot of love. She also works her magic on Insta and with influencers and makes our emails even better. She does all of this in a wonderfully structured way - but she can't explain why her clothes usually end up on the armchair instead of in the closet.

Together with Sean, Fabian K is a true Dilly veteran - one of our founders! Besides important executive tasks (strategy etc., you know it) he is the head of the sales team (rumor has it he only hires people named Fabian). And he takes care of our business customers in Switzerland. His phone calls are the loudest in the world and he drives us a bit crazy with it - but only a bit!

Fabian S spreads Swiss charm for us in Austria, where he has been living for 10 years (because of Wiener Schnitzel love). On the rare occasion that he's not making us super famous in this region of the world, he appreciates originals from home. Nothing beats Swiss cheese, a summer day at Lake Zurich or fair socks from the coolest Swiss brand!

Isa has the best ideas and makes sure that our pictures and videos look super nice. She does this with her graphic magic wand. Or Adobe. We're not exactly sure. Isa is our plant mom in the office, likes bright colors in designs and black in her closet. Christmas, not so much. She's more team Grinch.

Without Louisa there would be no socks in our shop! She is the head behind many Excel tables (she coordinates our supply chain), pushes our sustainability issues and is also our sock monkey production chief. And she Maggie's mom. Even if she doesn't usually like it very kitschy, Louisa loves partner socks with her daughter (not Maggie). Because they simply put you in a good mood and bring a smile to many faces.

Maggie is the heart of DillySocks and the secret reason why we love coming to the office. With her fluffy little ears, she listens to every worry and she is also the sender of all our emails. she types with her paws every week. Maggie is a cuddly lap dog at heart and loves being in the office with us. When she gets to play with us and her sock monkey or someone rubs her belly, she is the happiest dog in the world.

Matthias joins our team from far away Finland and we are still waiting for a moose to join a video call. As part of the design team, he creates beautiful things and is the mastermind behind our colorful sock designs (we have no idea how he comes up with them). Matthias loves colors and shapes (luckily!) and never loses his cool, even in hectic everyday life.

Nina is the force of nature behind all our popups, booths and markets and "can do" is her middle name. Because for Nina, nothing is impossible. With Bernese serenity she builds booths from scratch and organizes a thousand Christmas markets at the same time. In her private life, crashing waves, a white sandy beach and the steel-blue sea mean pure relaxation for Nina. And in her everyday life, she gets this feeling with her favorite socks.

Together with Fabian K, Sean is a true Dilly veteran - one of our founders! Besides important executive tasks (strategy etc., you know it) he is the head of the design team and makes sure that our socks are always getting cooler and better. Also important: Sean is our unofficial office DJ. When he's not occupied with Dilly, he loves Italy: The food, language and wine. And when the weather is nice, he likes to cruise around on his old Vespa.

Sophie is the captain of our marketing team and she's from Hamburg (therefore captain, you get it). Sophie makes us grow bigger and bigger and she really keeps track of everything - we don't know how she does that. As a true northern light, Sophie loves licorice and "Franzbrötche"n. Nobody here knows or likes them, but she's still working on it!

Steffi makes sure that our socks are staged in fabulous shoots and she does that with a lot of heart and soul. As a self-declared morning person, Steffi discovers many things that remain hidden to us sleepyheads. For example, the morning dew that glitters like a thousand little opals on the little plants. And as a drop of morning dew, Steffi would definitely want to land on the beautiful sea of flowers of her favorite socks!