September 28th, 2018

Veloblitz x DillySocks

DillySocks has set up an exclusive cooperation with the bicycle courier Veloblitz. The founders of DillySocks noticed early on that the socks of bicycle couriers are always visible. That's why the cooperation began when DillySocks gave the Veloblitz team a few pairs of the performance socks that were newly launched at the time. Since these were immediately out of stock again, the management immediately ordered more.

"We recognized the perfect match immediately," says DillySocks founder Sean Pfister, "and considered how we could intensify this cooperation. The vision was clear: Veloblitz bike couriers should never have to worry about their socks again. With this mission, we sat down with the Veloblitz team and agreed that we, as the official Veloblitz partner, would provide the team with the coolest socks in the world. Every month, we supply the couriers with new socks - and in return they always wear DillySocks when cycling. So our colorful foot jewelry is now part of the courier outfit. Cool, right?

And last but not least: If you order from Lily's, you will get a 10% discount on your next online order of DillySocks. But only if you're nice to your couriers ;)