May 3rd, 2022

Laundry day!

Your washing basket is overflowing and it's high time for a load of laundry? Perfect! Here comes just the right blog post for you (we've put it together in cooperation with our lovely friends from bluu).

Let's talk about laundry tips for socks!

Our top tips:

  • Don't turn them inside out: Sure, it might take 1 second longer to take your socks off. But then you don't have to turn them back once they're dry.
  • Wash at 40 degrees: If you wash your socks too hot, you put them under unnecessary stress. 40 degrees is sufficient.
  • Gentle cycle: You can wash your splendor pieces with your wool sweaters in the gentle cycle. They like that too.
  • No bleach: Rule of thumb: You wouldn't put it on your skin? Then don't put it on your socks during laundry. Simple.
  • No fabric softener: DillySocks are super soft anyway because we use cozy organic cotton. No need for fabric softener.
  • No dryer: Socks live longer if you don't put them in the dryer.
  • Easy sorting: Our colorful DillySocks make sorting super easy. You can see immediately which socks belong together. No more tedious sorting!
  • Product tip: The washing strips from our friends at bluu are perfect for washing socks - and they're sustainable, too! They are free of microplastics, parabens, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, dyes and preservatives.

As you can see, it's not all that bad. And you'll be rewarded with a full, colorful sock drawer!