November 3rd, 2020

DillySocks x ARTHELPS

On a more serious note today - but very close to our heart.

ARTHELPS is an initiative of creative people and artists helping people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds worldwide in a very special way: With art and creativity.

We think this is an incredibly important mission. Hence, we have provided ARTHELPS with a load of socks for the "Project Sock Monster". And the result exceeded all our expectations and really got to us. But see for yourself!

In a workshop with refugee children from socially deprived families, unique cuddly toys were created from the socks. They all have something in common with the individual personality of each participant. Together everybody drew, experimented, sewed - and ultimately, it became obvious that each person is unique and can create something special.

More information about ARTHELPS and the various projects of the organization can be found on their website.