13 March 2023

Collab - lavie and DillySocks C'est la vie!

Two labels - much in common.

As a sustainable company, we stand for fair and ethical action. This applies not only to our fresh socks, but also to the selection of our partners. After all, we don't get into bed with just anyone. But we immediately fell in love with the sustainable home textile brand lavie. That's why we literally crawled under the covers and are now doing business together. After a lot of courting, it was clear to us that it could be more than just a one-night stand. lavie puts its bedding in the hands of DillySocks and we hand over our socks to lavie's care. In short, we do the bedding and lavie does our socks. We both love to try new things and firmly believe that this is how creativity is fostered and outstanding designs are born.

GUNNAR, our cheeky kleptomaniac seagull from the cool north, was born. We finally have the pleasure to introduce you to the new designs from the #CleptomanicFriendCollection. Now it's your turn! Decide for yourself and discover the socks by lavie and the bed linen by DillySocks. These will not only warm you up in bed, but also keep your feet warm, summer and winter - as long as GUNNAR doesn't steal them off the clothesline, of course.


The idea behind the campaign.

A cosy little nest is something to aspire to. Gunnar, our cheeky kleptomaniac bird from the cool north, wants one too. No challenge is too big for him on his thieving tour. And so he sails skilfully through the cellar window to pluck the great sock from the clothesline, or on a meticulously planned trajectory, with translated speed into the hamam, where he tears the pestemal off the relaxed visitor's body. Last but not least, he flies in blind flight with a loop through the semi-dark bedroom, where he charges the incredibly cosy pillow. Mission completed - Gunnar's cuddly nest is ready for occupancy.

Because Gunnar also has a great desire for a plastic-free future, he usually picks up one or two pet bottles on his tours, which unfortunately drift into his beloved waters. Inspired by Gunnar, 10% of the sales of the #cleptomanicfriendcollection will be donated to rePATRN. Because rePATRN also collects pet and pursues the goal of giving the material a long-term value and creating products from it that people want to keep.