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YES, the socks advent calendar from DillySocks is BACK. Even fresher, more colorful and more stylish than last year. Also in 2022 we offer you a limited amount of our advent calendars in pre-sale. Until 11:59pm on October 14, we're offering an Early Birds discount of 20% off the retail price. The offer for our 2022 Socks Advent Calendar is valid while supplies last. And more importantly, the advent calendar will be shipped to you from week 42!

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Advent Calendar 

24x colorful socks sparking joy every single day for an Advent you never forget. A colorful gift for yourself or your loved ones! The set includes 24 pairs of DillySocks from the latest collections. Available in two sizes, size 36-40, the perfect Advent calendar for women, and size 41-46, a chic advent calendar for men. This year for the first time we offer the empty DillySocks Advent calendar, to fill yourself. A Christmas eye-catcher to put up and enjoy! The greatest gift ever! Free shipping included 🌈

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Advent Calendar FAQs

The Advent Calendar that you can fill as you like

Making your own Advent calendar for your loved ones is great fun for old and young. And everybody likes creative gifts! That's why this year for the first time we offer our Advent Calendar that you can fill as you like. Design and create your own advent calendar. At DillySocks you'll find lots of fun gift ideas that will look wonderful behind each door. Discover our gift boxes, kids socks, socks for adults, gift bags and much more. The stylish accessories from DillySocks are perfect for filling a door or two in your Advent calendar.

Fun guaranteed!


The DillySocks advent calendar

Socks for Christmas are boring? No way! Because with the colorful socks from DillySocks, ordinary socks become a colorful fashion accessory: colorful shapes and forms from the classic striped socks to unicorn motifs to checkerboard patterns, you can find them all. And now the socks are also available as a gift-package of 24 pieces: The DillySocks Advent calendar reloaded is here! As a gift for you and your loved ones, it is a great eye-catcher which brings you in the Christmas mood.

So why wait until Christmas when you can sweeten up Advent with it? Exactly. The DillySocks Advent Calendar filled with 24 pairs of designer socks will boost your mood already in the early morning. The calendar itself is also a pretty eye-catcher and fits perfectly as Christmas decoration. Treat yourself to a new sock collection for the season or surprise a loved one and cozy up your feet on cold winter days! 


Colorful socks for the gray winter days

You're probably wondering which exact socks are hidden behind the little doors? - Of course, we don't want to reveal too much, not to spoil the surprise. Only this much: The 24 pairs of socks from the calendar are all from the current collection of DillySocks. And the collection has a lot to offer for every season: In addition to food, plant and animal prints, various geometric patterns with stripes, dots and other shapes are also part of the current sock design from DillySocks. 

You think the new stockings are too good not to show them off? You're right again - because the extravagant designs are crying out to be presented accordingly. Whether at grandpa´s house or at your parents under the tree, surprise your loved ones this year with this gift and ensure a good mood under the tree with your new colorful Christmas from this Advent calendar. To make the wait until Christmas Day a little easier, now you can look forward to the Holidays every single day with a special pair of socks.

No matter if you prefer extravagant, funny or just colorful designs - here every foot will find the right print. At least if he has a shoe size between 36 and 46, because the Advent calendar is available in two versions: Either in 36-40 (socks Advent calendars for women) or in size 41 - 46 (socks Advent calendars for men). Get your year's ration of pretty sock pairs and bathe your feet in bright colors. Or make people around you happy by surprising them with this extraordinary calendar as a gift! We have compiled many more gift ideas for Christmas for you here.


Dress colorful - from head to toe

You just can't decide between all the great pairs of socks which one to choose? Then this calendar is just right for you - here you get a well-chosen selection of new, colorful sock pairs. They are an eye-catcher on the foot - whether at home, with friends or at work - the colorful socks stand out and can be combined with your individual  style. 

Are you on a budget? Even with a limited amount of cash you can get your money's worth with the cool advent calendar from DillySocks. Because with this advent calendar you benefit from the discounted price compared to the price of 24 individual pairs. So many socks for the money in an unusual and funny design - of course with top quality materials! - That's enough to knock even Santa Claus off his socks! So get your hands on the magnificent package and quickly secure the most practical and fashionable Advent calendar since stocking apparel has been around! And if you don't quite like a pair of stockings, you can give them to your uncle, aunt, brother, sister, etc., nicely packaged for Christmas. Because the classic gift under the Christmas tree always works! So you can make not only you, but also others a joy with your new calendar for the pre-Christmas season. 

Sustainably produced socks


DillySocks are not only characterized by their bright colors and great patterns, but are also sustainably produced. The pairs of socks made of organic cotton are certified with the label Oeko-Tex® 100 standard. The yarn for the colorful socks is dyed toxin-free, so you can dress in your new, colorful socks without hesitation. Each design is lovingly crafted in Switzerland. Afterwards, the sock pairs are sewn and packaged in a Portuguese family business that specializes in the production of hosiery. You can learn more about the ecological socks from DillySocks here.


The colorful pairs of socks from DillySocks are made of organic cotton, polyamide and elastane. They are comfortable to wear on the skin, keep their shape for a long time and keep your feet warm on cold winter days. Get one of the advent calendars today before they are out of stock! We will start shipping the calendars from October 15 on, so they will arrive at your home just in time for you to give them away before the first of December, the beginning of Advent .


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We wish you a carefree sock season and lots of fun with your new stockings!