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Bestseller alert!

He's a trendsetter? These 5 designs were our men's topsellers in the last few months - so the odds are good that he'll like them, too!

He lives sustainably.

Then, the climate sock is the perfect gift for him. In collaboration with Climeworks, each sock removes 1 kilogram of CO2 from the atmosphere - a perfect gift for climate-conscious people! Find more info here.

He likes blue.
Socks, shirts, curtains - he's got no special wishes. Just blue, please. That's your guy? Nothing easier than that. We've got countless blue designs in stock!

He speaks Business.

He throws around abbreviations like CRM, B2B, EBITDA and FMCG and you understand nada? No biggie. You speak the language of colorful footwear and its magic words: Business socks!

For the 

He usually hops into the sea at every available opportunity and currently misses his surfing sessions? We have the right medicine: Our Limited Edition with Visitor Store for all who carry the sea in their heart.

Nope, not the right thing?

No problem. For such emergencies we recommend our vouchers for 50, 100 or 150 Francs - a colorful promise coming from the heart. Then he can choose exactly what he likes. Perfect!