At the end of each season, there are leftover sock designs. We have decided to give these remnants a second life. With the help of several integrative foundations guided by our talented sewing partner Rebecca, the leftover socks are transformed into cuddly toy monkeys!

The long arms and legs make it easy for any child to grab them and play with them.

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Each monkey is unique and limited

Each monkey is sewn and lined by hand - therefore, the individual appearance may vary slightly. And since there is only a certain quantity of leftover socks per design, the number of pieces is limited. Thus, your sock monkey may never be produced again.

No more plastics

We also rely on high-quality and ecological natural fibers for the content of the sock monkeys. Our colorful sock monkeys are filled exclusively with kapok fibers. 

Kapok fibers are obtained from the fruit capsules of the tropical wool tree. They are very soft, extremely light, fluffy and cuddly. The silky shiny kapok fibers contain a bitter substance, which protects against moth and mite infestation. Due to this property, the kapok fiber is very popular with pet hair and mite allergy sufferers. Basically, our Kapok filled sock monkeys are also washable - just not too hot!

With love to the detail

Our monkeys are made in Switzerland in various inclusive foundations under the guidance of our talented sewing partner Rebekka. So, a lot of love is put into each sock monkey! Again, we want to provide the highest quality and maximum satisfaction while contributing to an inclusive society where everyone has a place.

Foundations with which we currently cooperate:

Art +Quer, Netzwerk Grenchen, Grenchen
Solodaris Stiftung, Wärchstatt, Solothurn
Stiftung zsge, Werkraum4, Zürich

One thing we can guarantee - children love our colorful monkeys!

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