Hello, Mr. Bear and Ms. Owl!

Librio is a small, colorful publishing house from Zurich that produces personalized children's books. Personalized means that the name, appearance and language of the main characters in the book can be chosen.

Founded in 2017, the team's goal is to combine art and technology to create unique products. Librio prints locally and on 100% FSC recycled paper. For every book sold, a tree is planted and another book is donated to children who don't have access to picture books.

Librio is social, sustainable and above all: Colorful.
A perfect partner for DillySocks!

True fans know "The Tree, The Key & Me", the first book Librio has published. In this classic, the main character embarks on an adventurous journey to the forest animals. Since then, the forest animals have been an integral part of Librio's culture. Now they are becoming the new stars on the DillySocks!

You can choose between four different versions: Our Ms. Squirrel appears on a flattering sky blue, while Mr. Bear shines on pastel-colored salmon orange. Ms. Owl captivates on a plain granite grey and the Rabbit gang hops around on bright meadow green. The socks were designed by Nicholas Elliot, art director and co-founder of Librio.


More than a book.

For every book purchased, Librio donates one book to another child to share the joy of reading and give children around the world better access to picture books.

The people behind Librio.

Ed, Mark, Oliver, Nick und Tim founded Librio in 2017 - with the support of the forest animals, of course!