25. Februar 2022

A different kind of upcycling!

At the end of each season, there are sock designs left overs. We decided to give these leftovers a second chance! With the help of various inclusive foundations under the guidance of our talented sewing partner Rebekka, we create cuddly plush monkeys from our colourful socks.

With love for detail
Together with Rebekka, we decide what our sock monkeys should look like. The long arms and legs are designed so that every child can easily grasp them and play with them. As you can see a lot of love is put into each sock monkey! As always, we want to offer the highest quality and maximum satisfaction and at the same time contribute to an inclusive society in which everyone has a place.

Fresh, cheeky and colourful - that's Art+Quer, one of our foundations.
Art+Quer is a sheltered workshop full of ideas in the Grenchen network. They make everyones creative veins pulsate. Here, personalities craft and design in a room full of ideas. Humorous, smiling, frowning, full of energy, together or on their own. One thing we can guarantee - children love the colourful monkeys! Find out more about Art+Quer here.

🐒 Welcome to the Monkey Jungle!🐒
With the DillyMonkey Upcycling project, we support various integrative foundations and we do not only want to inspire our little customers, but also put a smile on the face of everyone at work! You can find all our monkeys here.

Doudou on the road!
Rebekka and Doudou travel the world together. If you want to know more about their exciting encounters and travels, you can follow their journey here.