14. Oktober 2021

No more stinky socks!

Have you received a colourful DillyPackage in the last few weeks? If so, you already know that we are currently including a great, sustainable surprise with every delivery.

Read more about our cooperation with bluu - because minimising plastic waste is an important issue, not only for our sock packaging!

What is bluu?

bluu is the new generation of environmentally friendly detergents, developed by the Swiss Roman and Marko.

bluu is a sustainable and environmentally friendly detergent that is 100% biodegradable and free of plastic, microplastics, bleach and palm oil. The packaging is also fully recyclable. In addition, bluu is 20 times lighter than other detergents and therefore the CO2 emissions during transport are about 95% lower. And since its foundation, bluu has supported the water projects of Viva con Agua. So it's a great cause all round!

That is why we think: DillySocks and bluu match perfectly! Because we also attach great importance to sustainability and even the most beautiful colourful socks have to be washed again and again.

And what could be better than doing it as sustainably as possible? We have tried out the washing strips ourselves and are completely thrilled: washing with a clear conscience and no more lugging heavy detergents home! That's why we have been giving you the washing strips to try out with every Swiss DillySocks delivery over the autumn.

For you to give you the chance to test the strips too, we added a bluu trial set to every Swiss order over autumn!

By the way can find more information about bluu here.